Do you recall any controversy involving celebrities in the past? It’s hard to imagine the fame and attention that actors or actresses receive. There is a downside to this: everyone watches every move. They sometimes get caught up with controversies.

Ryan Grantham was one such example. Grantham was a prominent actor in the United Statesand Canada and is now making headlines after pleading guilty for murder. Continue scrolling to read more about diary a Wimpy kid actor arrested.

What actually happened?

Ryan Grantham, a well-known actor in ‘Riverdale” and Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ had allegedly attempted to plot the murder of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. British Columbia Supreme Court denied the case and sentenced Grantham to second-degree execution in March. He murdered his mother, Barbara Waite (64) in their home.

He was previously charged with first-degree homicide, but in March 2022 was found guilty for second-degree killing his mother. Later, he was planning to drive to Ottawa and assassinate Justin Trudeau. He decided to change his mind and turned himself in at Vancouver’s police headquarters.

More Diary from a Wimpy kid Actor Arrested

Some sources say Grantham practiced the killing and even shot Grantham’s mother after the death. According to two medical reports, Grantham was also suffering from severe clinical depression.

Severe and severe clinical depression are mental disorders. You may experience recurrent thoughts or frequent thoughts that you are dying, suicidal ideation, or suicidal tendencies.

According to an Oxford University Department of Psychiatry, people suffering from depressive illness are three-times more likely to get into trouble than the rest of us. Many people wanted to learn more about the Diary, a Wimpy Kid Actor Arrested case. It was discovered a few months back.

There is a difference between 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd degree killing

First-degree killings can be premeditated. planned. The first degree is considered the most serious form of murder and is committed with an intention to kill the victim. Second-degree murder is intentional killing done without any premeditation.

Although an accused may mean to harm, the intention to murder is not required. The third degree includes premeditated and less severe killing. In simple terms, it is unintentionally causing the death of someone while committing a hazardous act. The case of a Wimpy Kid Actor made many people question the severity of depression.

Final Verdict

Ryan Grantham had been suffering from severe mental illness prior to the murder of his mother. Prosecutors claim he premeditated the murder. He is believed to have killed his mother to avoid her seeing the violence he would commit later. His shocking news shock many who loved him. But instead of turning into a seconddegree murder convict,