Weddings are beautiful occasions that bring together two people with the promise of spending their life together. They are a commitment of a lifetime. If you’re going to be married anytime soon then we are sure that you are excited for the big day. You might be running through a hectic schedule booking appointments with hairstylists, and makeup artists, finalizing a wedding gown, the venue, food, and a lot more. Amid all the chaos that is going on, don’t forget to work towards creating the best bridal attire that you can. Jewelry plays an integral part in your overall bridal look; hence you must get your hands on the best jewelry pieces, especially wedding rings. You can get best deals and exciting offers when you shop at Jeulia Jewlery using jeulia coupons.

Rings are the best bridal jewelry that you can wear on your wedding day. They are easily visible and look charming, especially with a white wedding gown. A new trend among diamond rings is the three-stone diamond ring. This ring, just as the name suggests, possesses three diamonds, one the center stone and two that are on either side of it. The three diamonds represent the love that is the past, present and future of the couple together. Although they have this deep meaning these rings look gorgeous and graceful, perfect for any occasion.

We have listed below a few diamond wedding rings that you can choose from for your big day and look like a stunning bride.

• White Gold Eternity Band

Eternity bands are quite a thing today. Wearing a ring that is bejeweled with diamonds throughout the metal band looks alluring. You can also opt for a double line eternity band which comprises two metals with adjacently placed diamonds. The symmetrical look of this band highlights your fingers and acts as a perfect embellishment.  A white gold eternity band with white diamonds is an ideal combination that you should go for.

• Oval Three-Stone Diamond Ring

For this diamond ring, you can pick a 1 or 1.5-carat oval CVD diamond and pair it with two smaller oval diamonds below 0.5 carats. This setting will surely look charming and steal the show.

• Pear Diamond Three-Stone Ring

This impressive setting is perfect if you’re looking for a regal ring. You can pick a pear-shaped diamond as the center stone and for the side stones you can go for pear-shaped diamonds facing either way or baguette diamonds and your ring will look stunning.

• Vintage Rose Cut Diamond Ring

As the saying goes for brides “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe”, so why not make a vintage ring part of your bridal jewelry? You can also add a blue element like a blue center stone in an intricate vintage setting for your ring.

• Black Diamond Ring

Black diamonds are an unusual choice, however, their beauty and extravagance make them worth adding to your bridal jewelry. You can shop for a black diamond eternity band or a black diamond in a halo setting and it will be an admirable combination that will make you dazzle. You can shop for a black CVD diamond and get your ring customized just the way you want.

• Emerald-Cut Ring

An emerald cut looks elegant and imperial. If you are looking for a ring to make a statement then you should go for a three-stone emerald diamond ring as it speaks in volumes with its splendid design. This ring set in platinum is ideal.

These were the top ring styles that will make for the perfect diamond wedding ring for your big day. You can mix and match these rings with your outfit as well. Buy diamond wedding rings from New World Diamonds as they offer a unique collection of lab diamond rings that are affordable and eco-friendly. You can also design your engagement ring at this online diamond marketplace.