Diabetes is a serious health condition: it can be life threatening if proper measures aren’t put in place by the sufferer. If you currently suffer from this condition, the best you can do is to visit a reliable diabetes doctor at Kildare Medical Center, Western Sydney. With the right doctor, you’ll get professional advice and guidance on how to better manage your diabetes for a long and healthy life.

In the rest of this post, you’ll discover how lifestyle modifications (bathing heavily) and regular visits to a qualified diabetes doctor at Kildare Medical Centre in Blacktown & Sydney can help you manage your condition effectively.

How to manage your diabetes with the right foods

Today, diabetes management can happen in several ways. You can manage your condition by carefully choosing the type of foods that work for your body system and diabetes.

Diabetes is a chronic disease. It surfaces when the pancreas fails to release enough insulin that the bodу requires. That’s not all; in some cases, the pancreas maу produce enough insulin but the bodу will fail to effectivelу take advantage of the produced insulin. Sadlу, the inabilitу of the bodу to use insulin effectivelу often leads to high blood sugar.

Yes, some types of foods can effectively help to manage your diabetes. You just have to stay away from foods or food combinations that affect your blood sugar levels. Also, how much food you eat at once can also greatly affect the blood sugar level and trigger diabetes.

That said, when it comes to managing your condition by focusing on food, professional diabetes doctors at Kildare Medical Center, Western Sydney often advice and guide patients to:

Balanced meals matter

Learn better ways to plan balanced meals. To eat healthily, the patient needs to understand how to choose the exact type of food and how to identify the right quantity to take at a sitting. The doctor will help you understand if the plate method or carbohydrate counting approach is suitable for you to watch your food intake.

  • The plate method

In case you don’t know, the plate method is effective for you to consume a healthy balance of foods. Here’s exactly how it works; first, you need a 9-inch plate. Half of this plate should only have non starchy vegetables – some perfect examples are cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, green beans, and broccoli. As for the remaining half, you need to divide it into two equal parts or quarters; fill the first quarter with lean proteins and the second quarter with healthy carbohydrates.

  • The carbohydrate counting method 

The carbohydrate counting approach is also very effective for keeping track of the amount of carbohydrates you ingest daily. Knowing your carb count is very important since carbohydrates often have significant effects on blood sugar levels. It also helps to identify the right insulin dosage to go for. When choosing carbohydrates to eat, ensure to focus more on whole grains and fruits, which deliver full nutrients. The type of fiber they offer the body helps to keep your blood sugar levels more stable. Refined carbs on the other hand tends to raise the blood sugar levels; this explains why diabetes doctors often advised to eat less of these foods.

  • Other things you need to be mindful of when looking to eat healthily and manage your diabetes effectively include:
  • Taking the right food portion sizes
  • Staying away or reducing sugary drinks
  • Choosing foods that perfectly work with the medicines prescribed by your diabetes doctor.

Choose a suitable diabetes doctor

Apart from eating heavily, regular exercise, taking the right medicines, and managing alcohol intake, are a few other effective ways to manage diabetes. Other effective options include learning how to manage menopause & menstrual periods, stress management, and preparing for illness. To do all of these things, however, you certainly need a suitable doctor to guide you on the right steps to take.

Kildare Medical Center in Western Sydney has some of the best, certified diabetes doctors out there today. A visit to this clinic is all you need to find a suitable doctor that’ll help you manage your diabetes the right way today.