Are you looking for a way to connect to the world on the go? Do you have an AirPods pair? Are you looking to purchase a case for them? If so, you can read on to get the answers to all your questions.

This article contains facts about Dhgate Airpod Pros Review which are of interest to buyers all over the world.

Dhgate Airpods Pros

Dhgate Airpod Pros are replicas of Apple’s AirPods. They are distributed worldwide through Dhgate, an international electronic commerce platform. Dhgate Airpod Pros provides the AirPods replica in a variety of packaging. This is to ensure that the legal protocol is maintained. The portal also provides the holding box for the product.


The specifications of the AirPods case are below.

  • Type of Product: Built-in case
  • Price of Product – $1.83 for 100, $ 1.43 For 500 pieces and so forth (regarding Dhgate Airpod Pros review), it is not amiss to mention here that the products can be bought at wholesale rates.
  • Category of Product- Add-on to Earphones
  • Item Code – 501307686
  • Model – It’s based on an Apple Airpod 3 replica.
  • Material of the Product: Thermoplastic Polyurethane. (TPU).
  • Dustproof – Yes, this product is dustproof
  • Shockproof – Yes, the product has shockproof features
  • Package Includes AirPods – No
  • Other Functions: For Bluetooth and iPhone headphones

Dhgate Airpod Case

The subject case will help you learn more about the Dhgate WebPod Pros Review.

  • The AirPods’ container keeps them safe from water and dirt, which can cause damage to the internal circuitry.
  • The price is fair.
  • The holder is an aesthetic addition to the product.
  • The subject casing is transparent so that the charging LED can be clearly seen through it.
  • The compact design of this case is very attractive. The case is compact and portable, so it can be carried around in your purse or bag without taking up much space.

Dhgate Airpod Case

You can find more information about this holder Dhgate Airpod Pros review.

  • The minimum order quantity for this product is 100. This may cause some buyers to be uncomfortable, even if they buy wholesale.
  • It may be difficult for people to find the system because it is so small and wireless.
  • Because the cleaning equipment is not designed to reach all of the containers, users may not clean the corners of the casing.
  • Dhgate currently does not have this product, and it is not possible to return it.

Is Dhgate Airpod Pros Authentic?

Dhgate Airpod PROs Review will help you decide if this product is right for you.

  • Dhgate Brand Name
  • Brand Age – 17 years, created 21 September 2004,
  • Brand Website –
  • Brand Trust Score: 99% which is an “Excellent Trust score”.
  • Contact Information – There is no phone number listed on the portal. The customer service team can be reached online 24 hours a day.
  • Customer Reviews – There are customer reviews on Facebook as well as YouTube about this portal.
  • Social Media Connection: The portal has an account on Facebook. But, other badges related to social media are not functional.

Although it sells imitation products, the platform is still an old portal. Customers can enjoy authentic products.

Dhgate Airpod Pros Review

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any reviews or ratings for this product on the Internet. Dhgate does have unbiased reviews of other products on YouTube and Facebook. YouTube has unboxing videos that show the contents of the packages received by Dhgate, which includes Bluetooth headphones and AirPods. Dhgate customer service quickly dealt with the Facebook reviews.

The Final Verdict

Your AirPods will be protected by the case. To learn more about AirPods, and to see how they work, you can read our article on AirPods. To ensure your security, you should also know how to check the legitimacy and authenticity of products.

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