Nowadays, there are many websites that provide users with access to different products and offer a variety of services. Dewata 12 Capjikia com is one such website from Indonesia. It is considered a new website and little is known about it.

In this article, we will deal with the various aspects of the website and try to check its offer and what we can know about it thanks to the information available.

So let’s start. Please keep reading to the end to get complete clarity on the website. Check below for more information.

About the website Dewata 12 Capjikia com

The website domain was recently created on February 10, 2021. After checking the internet more closely, we could also find a Facebook page that looks like his, but we’re not sure about that.

According to the available information, the owner founded the group in 2020, dated August 7. Previously, it was called Capjikia arwana 12 Jitu & HKG, which was later changed to Capjikia devata 12 Jitu & HKG on February 8, 2021.

Moreover, according to the latest data, the group has 6,035 members.


Dewata 12 Capjikia com is a very new website set up in Indonesia with very little information listed on the internet. Not much detail has been given about the site, with the exception of a Facebook page which highlights the number of posts and members that appear to be its page, but we cannot confirm this. Also, you cannot access any posts from the site that is limited to members only.

Finally, we recommend that you investigate.

Do you have any information or updates about the website? If you find more relevant information, please write to us and update.