Scam: Have you ever been scammed online while buying something but never received your order? Then you get the hint that the site is a colossal scam and get caught in it if you don’t know how to find all the clues that could mark any online store as a scam.

So here we come up with a page that seems a bit questionable and we need to clear up all such doubts from the people of the United States. Let’s go over the details and take some ideas from reviews to make an unbiased conclusion.

Is a hoax?

How do you know about this site, is it a scam or legal? Instagram? Facebook Ads? We stumbled upon all such aspects to find verifications and do an excellent review before buyers to follow the right path.

We discovered that the site appeared to be new, questionable and suspect during this site’s investigation due to some vulnerabilities. The site does not have any secure HTTPS connection, no contact details, a strange cancellation period, and some bugs exist.

The site is also too new to the market, which is why we can’t call it Dewaltset. Scam ga or legit yet. But it needs some repair if they are serious about the business, although it seems very suspicious.

Review of

Simply put, this is an online store that claims to offer a lot of tools and renovation. They also claimed to provide the highest quality products and free shipping at a certain price. The variety of products on offer includes outdoor tools, air tools, hand tools, lighting, tool storage, etc.

Do you want to get more on this platform? Then find some reviews to find out more.

Service Specifications

• Buyers can access the website via

• The website was created on January 4, 2021.

• Has a wide range of products available, such as tool storage, air tools, lighting, hand tools, outdoor tools and more.

• The site has a shipping policy of seven to ten days to deliver products.

• The cancellation policy is to notify the website within six hours of the on-site cancellation of the product.

• The return policy is 60 days.

• Online payment options such as Visa, PayPal, Maestro and Master card are available.

• Subscription options are available to receive all email updates.

• There is an Order Tracking feature that allows you to track all your orders.

• The site accepts British Pounds, US dollars, Australian dollars and Euros.

• Fifty percent discount is available on all products.

• Free Shipping is available on all products starting at $ 79.

Let us know about Dewaltset. ga Scam through its advantages, disadvantages and customer reviews.

Advantages of buying from

• The website contains a variety of products available.

• Worldwide shipping available, including US shipping.

• You can save 50% money on all orders.

• You can take advantage of free shipping and returns on all orders starting at $ 79.

• Order tracking is available.

Disadvantages of buying from

• The site is only eighteen days old and too new to trust such a platform.

• No contact information available.

• There are many negative reviews online.

• There is no social media yet.

• The site does not use a secure HTTPS connection.

What are reviews from customers?

While browsing the site, we did not find such responses from customers and there is no such section on the official website.

When we researched other platforms, we found a lot of negative feedback and people wrote that they had fallen into this site and were scammed. In addition, they paid via PayPal, and it’s good that PayPal is agreeing to reverse the transaction in some cases.

Therefore, a website is not the right choice as people have negative opinions about it.


After entering the site via Dewaltset. ga Scam, we found a lot of setbacks with the site and it is not safe to buy from such platform. The site is also new to the market and needs to fix some issues first and then move on.

The review is also negative on some websites, and has resulted in us not marking the site as legitimate online stores. Therefore, we cannot call it a scam within 18 days of its creation, but yes, it seems doubtful.

Please write down any questions or concerns you have about Dewaltset. ga Scam in the comments section below.