Call of Duty Call of Duty Warzone dev error 6034 can trigger for various reasons, most probably corrupt or unreadable match info.

[PC] If you are getting dev Error 6034 ww_code_pre_gfx. Some players also receiving Warzone dev error 6034 ww_ui_boot. ff.

What’s Dev Error 6034?

Dev error 6034 PC Repair

1. Navigate into the installation folder for Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Warzone

In the setup directory, delete the following files. This can delete the files that are corrupted.

1. .patch. result

2. .product

3. vivoxsdk_x64.dll

4. Launcher.db

Open the launcher, then use the Scan and Repair tool. This may uses’s Scan and fix option to replace the lost files with working ones.

The Previous 22GB Multiplayer Pack was supposed to replace some of those additional Data previously downloaded, and having both installed is leading to Warzone dev error 6034 on Xbox.

Uninstall all the multiplayer data packs, except the very first Also, delete the Warzone Data Pack 1 and Data Pack 2.

Now install the new multiplayer pack (22GB) along with the brand new Spec Ops and Multiplayer combat package.

This will let you access Multiplayer with no error.

Steps to Repair PS4 and Xbox One Dev error 6034 on Warzone and Modern Warfare

When you reach the main menu, then select Options.

Scroll to the bottom and Choose Sport Installs.

Highlight any material you would like to uninstall.

· Data Bundle 1 — required for entry to Campaign, Multiplayer, and Spec Ops

· Campaign Pack 1 (Xbox One only) — required to play with Campaign

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· Multiplayer Pack (Xbox One only) — required to play Multiplayer

· Multiplayer Pack 2 — needed to play Multiplayer

· Special Ops Bundle — required to play Exceptional Ops

· Special Ops Bundle 2 — required to play Special Ops

· Survival Pack — needed to play Special Ops Survival

COD Modern Warfare dev error 6034 on Xbox One indicates that you have a Corrupted game data. A future Warzone and Modern Warfare game upgrade will Address this issue.


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