Choosing an efficient detergent in today’s world can, undoubtedly, seem daunting given the abundance of choices available for any single type of detergent package. Some people might continue using the type of detergent that has been used in their family for generations, while some might go for the one that costs them less and works effectively, like Surf Excel.

Your clothing should be readily stain-free, appear clean, and smell fresh even after using a decent detergent. But then, why do people think so much before buying a pack of detergent? There are many detergents on the market today that can fit your family’s tastes, money, and washing. Read this content that will serve as a detergent guide for you and will help you buy the best kind of detergent for your clothes.


What are Powder Detergents?

Detergent granules are laundry cleansing solutions that use a synthetic agent in lieu of the metal fatty acid salts found in soaps. These detergents are manufactured as powders, and they are also offered for sale as hard surface cleaners or washing powders.

Typically, detergent granules like that of Surf Excel are produced through a batch or ongoing procedure similar to that used to make soap. These are typically created using a variety of ingredients, including surfactants, soap boosters, chelating agents, optical brighteners, enzymes, fabric softeners, and more.

Pros of Using Powder Detergent

Since there are different forms of detergent, one can easily argue that powder detergent is better than liquid detergent or vice versa. So to avoid such a situation, here’s the list of pros and cons of using powder detergent.

  • Affordable – One of the main reasons why most people still use powder detergent is because they are quite affordable. And since they are reasonably priced, it makes people from different economic backgrounds purchase them.
  • Recyclable Packages – If you don’t like throwing away packages of any kind of product and think it’s polluting the environment, then powder detergent is the right choice for you. Most of the packages used for powder detergents are recyclable in nature.
  • Best for Hard Waters – Even today, most places have a hard water supply. And when it comes to washing clothes with hard water, it becomes difficult. This is where the powder detergent proves to be useful. Detergent powders like Surf Excel have the best additives in them that makes it easier to wash clothes.
  • Best for tough stains – Removing a stain from clothes is a tough job, especially if the stain is a tough one, such as mud or blood. Detergent powders have proved to be quite useful in removing such tough stains. The enzymes and additives present in these detergent powders work well with these kinds of stains.

Cons of Using Powder Detergent

  • Doesn’t dissolve in cold water – One of the biggest disadvantages of using powder detergents like Surf Excel is that they don’t dissolve in normal or cold water. One has to mix this type of detergent in lukewarm or hot water to get it to dissolve and work effectively.
  • Tough for pertaining stains – Powder detergent may not be the best solution for removing persistent and old stains. To remove a stain, create a paste out of detergent and water, apply it to the stain, let it sit for a while, and then launder it! Anyone would find the task to be too much.


What are Liquid Detergents?

Liquid detergent is a type of washing solution used to get dirt and stains out of delicate or colored clothes. It can also serve as a spot pre-treater because of its liquid texture. The most widely used detergent type has been liquid since it first appeared on shop aisles in the middle of the 1950s. They have an enormous range of fragrances, are simple to use, and disperse well in water. So if you want, you can buy Surf Excel liquid detergent, one of the commonly used liquid detergents, and try it if you’re planning to use liquid detergent for the first time.

Pros of Using Liquid Detergents

  • Perfect for water of any temperature – One of the advantages of using liquid detergents is that it mixes well in water of any type temperature. So unlike detergent powder, you don’t have to use lukewarm or hot water for washing.
  • Doesn’t leave residue – Unlike powder detergents, Surf Excel liquid detergent mixes easily in water without leaving residue.
  • Good choice for washing machines – Nowadays, liquid detergents are the best option for washing machines, which are found in the majority of homes. Because it is simple to dissolve and is absorbed, you can do your washing without having to put any effort into it.

Cons of Using Liquid Detergent

  • Can cause measurement issues – One of the common problems faced while using liquid detergent is that one often pours excessively while washing clothes. Which, as a result, would damage the clothes in the long run.
  • Comes in plastic bottles – If you are concerned about the environment, then you might have a problem with liquid detergent bottles as they are made of plastic and would pollute the environment when you dispose of them.


What are Tablet Detergents?

Laundry detergent tablets come in an easy-to-use shape and contain the laundry detergent formulation for a cleaning application. A tablet or two are sufficient for a heavy wash.

Pros of Using Tablet Detergent

  • Easy to store – One of the reasons tablet detergents are becoming more popular nowadays is because they are easy to store and can even be carried along anywhere.
  • Easy to use – It can be used in the appropriate dose and is easier to determine than liquid detergent.

Cons of Using Tablet Detergent

  • Expensive – As compared to the other two types of detergent, tablet detergents are quite expensive. As a result, it becomes hard for common people to afford it.
  • Limited choice – Compared to other types of detergent, tablets might have fewer choices for fragrances or specific cleaning requirements.


Ultimately, your washing detergent depends on your laundry type and personal choices. A decent detergent such as Surf Excel will not only thoroughly clean your clothes but also leave them looking fantastic. So, to get the best outcomes and get the most for your money, be sure to take into account your apparel type, your washing machine requirements, and the regularity of your laundry when choosing the type of detergent.