These days, the majority of people are playing the rummy game through the BollyGame platform. However, still some people get confused about the withdrawal of the money from the game. While playing the rummy game through,there are some terms and conditions you need to follow for instant withdrawal of the money you win from the game.

Instant Withdrawal Terms And Conditions For Rummy Game

  • If you want to obtain instant withdrawals, you must have Mobile number verification. It can be performed in the Profile section of My Account.
  • For getting the instant withdrawal, there is no need to opt for any separate option. The system will automatically select the eligible withdrawal for the instant credits.
  • If the withdrawal is less than r500, it will be processed under regular mode.
  • Some of the withdrawal applications are flagged for manual review. In such a case, you will receive the withdrawn amount that will be credited in 3 working days. During the review time, you will get the status of “Request Undergoing Checks.”
  • In some of the cooperative banks, IMPS transfers are not accepted. In this scenario, the withdrawal from the game will be processed in 3 working days.
  • Sometimes, IMPS transactions get failed when the bank is undergoing any maintenance or its server is down during the time of withdrawal. In such cases, the withdrawal amount might get reversed. If you see the status of Request Placed With Bank and there is no money received, it will be the case. It takes around 72 hours to get the final status of the transaction. In this case, the money will be reversed to your Bolly Gameaccount.

How Do I Provide The Bank Account Details For Withdrawal?

  • When the withdrawal request is placed for the first time, you need to provide your IFSC code or your Bank Account Number. All of these details should be provided once as for the second withdrawal, these details will be auto-filled. Make sure you enter the correct details. will not be responsible for wrong details.
  • There is the option to change your bank account details from the withdrawal page of the Bolly Game by verifying your identity by OTP that will be emailed to you or sent to you on your phone number. 
  • The bank account title should be the same as provided in the Bolly Game. It will not be responsible if the bank rejects the withdrawal just because of the name mismatch.
  • For your processing of the withdrawal, you need to get yourself verified from KYC by uploading your recognized name and address proofs that should be submitted to the Bolly Game. It can be performed in the profile section under the My Account title.


While playing the rummy game through the Bolly Game, your withdrawal is confirmed when you provide complete details and follow all the terms and conditions required for the withdrawal. So, start playing your favorite game right now and make extra money!