Destiny 2  has changed a lot in the past year  . The PC version migrated from F95zone to Steam, the game lost its publisher, and the usual model of adding content was replaced by a new one – completely tailored to the seasons and the annual cycle of new add-ons release. It would seem, how much more global? But the fourth year of the project’s life, as it turned out, along with an impressive portion of new content, brought even more ambitious changes. We will talk about all this today.


The strangest at first glance seems to be the decision of the developers to remove a good half of the game from Destiny 2 . Several planets were missing, and with them the raids, raids, missions and story campaigns tied to them. The explanation is quite simple: the game client began to grow to the size of some WoW or Warzone , so Bungie decided not to delete it, but to place it in a kind of “Content Storage”, from which it can successfully return if necessary. How, for example, the earthly location “Cosmodrome”, which we have not seen since the first Destiny , has returned… The result is a set of old-new maps that diversify the grinding process. From a beginner’s point of view, the loss of entire storylines and worlds can be very sad news, but for veterans, who are perhaps the majority in Destiny 2 today, the disappearance of sick Io and Titan, along with the original campaign, will not really affect anything, but it will free up some space. on your hard drive. We also think that this decision is not so bad.

Much less we liked the way Bungiedecided to transplant people from their familiar and convenient guns to new ones, which are not always better than the old ones. Now all weapons and armor (except exotic) will be actively used for only a year. Everything that is older will not go anywhere, but you will no longer be able to improve it to the current level. And if regular players grit their teeth because of the “gadrolls” knocked out with such difficulty in the past, but gradually pick up a more or less acceptable replacement, then those who return to the game after a long break will find a mountain of garbage in their bank. Yes, the old cannons are still firing, but apart from non-competitive PvP, there will really be nowhere to take them. In our opinion, this is a rather rude and ugly decision in relation to the community. True, I found my own plus in this: now exotic and legendary guns, which you can no longer get in the old way, can simply be bought at the Tower. It will cost some fantastic amount of resources, but it is still much better than the many hours of grinding Crucible and Gambit that were required for this in the past.

But let’s leave the cut content alone and consider the new one. Fortunately, there is more than enough of it here. The plot of Beyond Light revolves around Destiny  thickened over the worldDarkness and mysterious pyramids arriving from distant corners of space. The Darkness itself is not aggressive, but it is capable of seducing and pushing almost anyone into a crooked path. In this case, that someone was the Eliksni race, or the Fallen, as people call them. Their leader, the bloodthirsty Eramis, has learned to use Darkness to crush her old enemies and, first of all, humanity with it. The guards, of course, could not allow this, so they began to resist her by any means, one of which was the same Darkness. Throughout the campaign, we will be gradually taught to use the opposite force of the Light, the main manifestation of which is Stasis. He will become the new element that dominates the expansion. 

It is also curious that with the credits and the receipt of a new subclass, Stasis, the plot does not end, but continues for several more missions, albeit with more grind and less dialogue. There are many post-story missions, and as a result of their completion, we will unlock a new grenade launcher that shoots with pure Stasis, and additional skills like a much cooler grenade than the one given at the beginning, and improvements to the subclass in general. The last tasks, however, require a lot of patience and perseverance. It is possible that the majority of players will have “twinks” with the standard grenade. 

Stasis turned out to be a rather interesting subclass with a lot of new mechanics. Its essence lies in the creation of ice blocks, freezing rivals and then breaking all this good. Grenades, melee strikes and superpowers are all aimed at freezing. Moreover, what different classes acquire in the new element also differs. For example, thanks to Stasis, warlocks can freeze enemies incredibly quickly, and titans have acquired mobility unprecedented for a class.


In addition to all this, a new raid has already opened in the game, initially broken “exotic” and broken Stasis have been repaired (yes, this is HuniePop 2 , everything is broken here again, get up, Natasha), and new activities are added every week. Now, however, there is already so much new content in the game that eyes literally run up from it. After all, there are still new Raids, Gambit has been significantly redone, and you have to get used to the updated Crucible with Stasis again. The latter, by the way, became very toxic due to constant freezing and ubiquitous warlocks, and even a major “nerf” of the first days did not radically change the situation.