Looking to shop online at affordable prices this holiday season? We will talk about a website with multiple options and we can meet all your purchasing requirements in one place. With Desishopi Com Reviews, you decide if you want to buy from here.

The festive season in India is all about dressing in your best new clothes. There are many websites online that offer a lot of discount deals due to the holidays, and Desi Shopi is one such website.

We will take into consideration multiple factors such as shipping, return, refund policy, contact information and establish: Is Desishopi Com legitimate?

 Let’s dive into the review and we’ll tell you all about this website.

What is Desishopi com?

Desishopi is a newly created website that offers a wide variety of products. They deliver their products throughout India. The product range includes home accessories, jewelry, bags and other clothing products for men and women.

The products are available at very low prices with many discount offers. You can purchase products with almost a 60% discount. There is no presence on social media. We also didn’t find any Desishopi Com reviews from any customers, so there is no information on product quality or shipping. No physical address is mentioned either. However, a contact number is mentioned.

Desishopi com specifications

• Website: https://www.desishopi.com/

• Products: Home accessories, Costume jewelery, Men’s clothing and accessories, Women’s clothing and accessories and Handbags.

• Duration of processing: Not mentioned.

• Email: [email protected]

• Telephone number: 9510116145

• Address: Not mentioned

• Returns: Within 30 days.

• Exchange: not mentioned

• Repayment period: within 14 days

• Payment method: Visa / Mastercard / RuPay / Amex / Mobiwik etc.

Stay tuned to learn more about Desishopi Com Reviews through its pros and cons.

Desishopi com Pros

• There is a wide variety of products available.

• Products are available at very affordable and discounted prices.

• Contact number and email address are mentioned on the website.

Desishopi com Cons

• The website has been created very recently. The domain creation date is September 9, 2020.

• We could not find customer reviews on the Internet.

• There is no presence on any social media platform.

• Policies are not well defined and many crucial details are missing from the website.

Is Desishopi Com legit?

Desishopi’s website is only 2 months old. It has a huge variety of products to offer. If you are considering shopping on the website, we would like to inform you of certain red flags that we observe during our website review.

Reviews are completely missing on the Internet. No customer has reviewed any product on the website. The website itself is poorly designed. An official address is not mentioned and many other crucial details are missing. Policies are not well defined and are very vaguely worded.

They are not present on any social media platform and therefore there are no Desishopi Com reviews, which is not normal for a shopping website. So there is not much information on the internet to verify and come to a firm conclusion about its legitimacy. We recommend that you avoid buying from websites that have not been reviewed.

Desishopi com user and customer reviews

It is essential for shopping websites to have customer feedback as it speaks highly of the customer’s experience with the brand. It also informs new customers about the quality of the products they are looking to buy.

We couldn’t find any reviews, and this doesn’t speak highly of the website.

Final verdict

Due to the pandemic, various online stores have appeared on the Internet. Not all of them are genuine and some try to scam people. The amount of online fraud is increasing. It is essential that customers stay informed and do not fall victim to these types of scams.

There is also no information on the Internet about Desishopi, so we suggest that you do not buy from this website unless you have verified its sources. The lack of Desishopi Com reviews is another reason for you to be vigilant.

Dear readers, our suggestion is that you avoid buying from these new websites. There are many other online stores where you can get affordable products. If you have shopped with Desishopi and would like to share your experience, please write to us in the comment section below. We are delighted to assist you.