The word watch has been around since the early 16th century. Shortly after the first pocket watch was launched in 1505, sailors started to use them to mark their shifts on duty. Those tiny watches were viewed almost as firm as the ship they were responsible for. Thus the word, watch.

Marc Jacobs creates a line of affordable and high-quality women’s watches in a collection of trending designs. The company is a classic name in the fashion industry. It is famous for a brand of accessories and clothing lines that follow the latest trends with an occasional trail to a vintage motif. Here are five of the best Marc Jacob watches for Women.

1.    Marc Jacobs Courtney Gold-Tone Watch

First on the list a great everyday Marc Jacobs watch. A 24mm gold-tone face carries three unique studs at the twelve, Three, and Nine. The hands hang gently over a hypnotic wave figure. The look is ascended to a faun-colored band that will complement every skin tone and outfit. Plus, the workings are quartz, so it’s indeed reliable and accurate.

Quartz crystal is a well-known technique of keeping time. When forced against a battery, quartz starts to vibrate at a very detailed rate, 32768 times a second, to be precise. Since the vibration is expected, the piece’s circuitry can record the vibrations and use these to see when to move the second hand.

Moreover, quartz is one of the most common minerals on earth; they are easy to find and easy to mine. The par for the course makes it ideal for watches. Apart from a solid dead battery or mechanical failure, nothing will calm the charged crystal, so the look will keep ticking.

2.    Marc Jacobs The Jacobs Watch

The second on the list is a classic women’s watch design. This striking rose gold provides the stacked double j feature included in tons of Marc Jacob’s other crafts, subtly included around the squared oval design. The design is rather significant and, for most users, will stretch from wrist bone to wrist bone.

Rose gold hands flow over a beautiful carving that resembles woven or braided ribbons called the guilloche pattern. It is decorated just under the fixture. The pattern is crafted with a certain kind of programmed machine lathe, usually called a rose engine lathe, since the way the completed pattern appears is like an open rose from the high look.

This specific watch looks like the perfect spirograph picture. The entire watch is crafted in trendy rose gold. It is just adequate of the warm sunset color to see right at home with your ideal yoga pants, business attire, or the best night out with the girls’ outfit. People are coming to believe that rose gold is the best daily wear piece.

3.    Classic Pink Face

This specific watch is a style between a classic chunky, wide-face timepiece usual on men and fine details usually found on women’s watches. The band and watch are hearty sterling silver with the back made of hypoallergenic stainless steel. Plus, the quartz crystal guarantees superior reliability and timekeeping. However, the face is the real star of the show.

The face on this elegant marc by Marc Jacobs watch is a beautiful splash of bubble gum pink. Marc charms the front in place of the Twelve, One, Two, and Three for a bright tiny offset, asymmetrical vibe; This piece includes the second hand, a feature not all Marc Jacobs styles.

4.    Roxy Watch

Most people know Marc Jacobs is also responsible for one of the most known perfumes on the market, Daisy. The Eau de perfume is designed with a classic and immediately recognizable circle petaled daisy with a bold process in the center. Roxy watch is most definitely inclined to his beautiful perfume collection.

The bright rose gold watch is adjacent to a creamy white face embellished with multi-colored daisies. You can almost scent the perfume just looking at this piece. The flowers are in a beautiful deep copper, green gold, and black gold, all of which play with the rose, bending toward the yellow gold of the clock itself.

5.    Riley’s Women Watch

Last on the list is Marc Jacobs Riley’s women’s watch which combines everything in the style of a designer piece with all the smart tech of Android-powered smartwatches. It’s considered a rose-gold tone but looks more of a beige color; This gorgeous color will complement every outfit. It has a three-hour charge time and battery lifespan of 24hours.

Individuals can wear this all day without the fear of it dying mid-day. Connect it to any Android phone to get your texts, notifications, call, and all the other customizable data on your wrist. Google also powers it, so it’s developed for performance with the Google Pixel that any Android device will connect.


There may be thousands of available watches, but it’s hard to find a piece that does its job well and enhances your personality at the same time. Marc Jacobs watches have many choices to choose from that can go with your outfit on any occasion. Not only is it stunning, but it is affordable too.