In India, Diwali is celebrated with diyas, sweets, and blessings. When Diwali is approaching, what is the first thing that comes to mind in your mind? With regards to the women, we are certain that it is none other than shopping. Everything is done following established customs, traditions, and societal standards. When the pressure is on to wear traditional clothing, shopping is an essential need. The saree reflects a woman’s sensitivity and elegance. It is believed that the saree protects a lady’s femininity. It is essentially a large piece of cloth that is folded over the body of a lady. There are several styles to drape a saree in the patterns and ideas associated with a specific topic outfit.

The Festival of Lights has come, and you’re looking for something unique and delectable. It is to assess this year, something out of the ordinary, something exciting and, of course, something unusual. That is precisely what the one-of-a-kind selection of sarees online from Tirumal Designers offers to this festive season.

Just off the loom

Weaved into a pure Katan silk banarasi saree, A work of art. You’re on the right spot if you’re looking for a handloom gold zari border piece. Tirumal is the one-stop solution for all your shopping worries for this Diwali!

We have a series of designer Banarasi Sarees that are aesthetic and ethical!

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Aesthetic Konia

Delicate clothes provide a refreshing appearance in a variety of colors, infusing the atmosphere with vitality. Consider the range.

It is fashionable now and a favorite among Banarasi Sari aficionados.


Brocade is a woven fabric embellished with a raised pattern and is often woven with gold or silver threads. While it may seem to be similar to embroidered fabric, they are very different in actuality. It is because brocade designs are produced during the weaving process using extra weft threads. On the other hand, embroidery is sewn on after the cloth is finished.


Technological advances in the textile production sector have always affected this fabric. Additionally, it enables the material to be recreated using a variety of other fibers. The following are the many kinds of brocade fabric available:


Cotton brocade fabric is less expensive and less sumptuous to manufacture than silk brocade. Cotton brocades often have simpler designs than silk brocade fabric and are frequently used to create casual clothing.


Himru is mainly produced and consumed in India. It is crafted from a blend of silk and cotton. So, it is as soft to the touch as breathable. Also, it is a little flexible as cotton but also as durable and as radiant as silk.


Silk Brocade Fabric is the most prevalent style of brocade cloth. It was the first kind of cloth created and continues to be important today. It is most likely owing to the smoothness, durability, and sumptuous feel of the material.


It is made of synthetic fibers and is often less costly than brocades made of silk or cotton. Additionally, it is less expensive to manufacture than brocade cloth made from silk or cotton. They are not, however, as comfy or as soft as ones made of natural fibers.


The additional weft is woven solely in the patterned region of this kind. Different patterns are created by weaving leftover threads into the fabric.

Have a look on our collection:

Bandhej Banarasi

A collection of Bandhani Pure Khaddi Georgette that will take your breath away! Contributions that are rich in content and suited for the most prestigious events

Colors and their shades play a significant role in the nitty-gritty of many beliefs, like the idea that wearing Red Bandhej brings good luck to a newlywed’s life.

Traditional Tussar

You shall fall in love with this collection instantly. A modern-day gadget for your use!

The luxurious texture and natural deep gold color are highly regarded.

Brocade Banarasi

The traditional Banarasi brocade saree is not woven traditionally. Perfection in terms of shade combinations and the wide decorative borders that adorn the bottom part.

Brocade is one of the most exquisite fabrics available in Banaras.

Brocade is a useful fabric in various ways as follows:

  1. These textiles are used to create curtains and upholstery because they are solid and beautiful. In upholstery, brocade functions both as cushioning and as a decorative element.
  • Costumes are outfits that represent a historical time or place. Costumes from the Middle Ages and Renaissance utilize brocades. Historians claim it was the cloth of selection for the stylish at the time.
  • Religious vestments have traditionally utilized brocade materials. Early medieval brocade textiles sometimes included Christian themes woven into the cloth. Similarly, contemporary liturgical vestments are made from similar fabrics.
  • Modern brocades are delicate and may be used to make outfits for both formal and informal occasions. Clothing items such as evening jackets and suits may be sewn from brocade.
  • Accessories made of this cloth may be highly charming. This beautifully patterned fabric may simply decorate your clutch, pocketbook, shoes, or handbag. Wear brocade scarves and shawls to go the extra mile. Men’s brocade knots, wallet squares, and neckties are also popular.


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