The year 2020 has shown us that as Kitchen & Bath Designers our online presence is more crucial than ever. Consumers are unwilling to spend time visiting numerous dealerships owing to COVID limits. The Kitchen & Bath Designers are the ones that may create a superb Online experience attainable for homeowners.

A good website must convert visitors to consumers! Therefore, make sure you have:

The right theme of the website

You wish to choose one that reflects your design style when choosing a subject. For example, you must develop your website with a neutral color palette around a clean and simple font style. If your design is more traditional, work with a refined typeface and a rich color If your projects are more layered and more family-oriented don’t mislead your customers by creating a slick minimalist website. This means that it is effective for all platforms, including PCs, Macs, mobile devices, and tablets. The subject of your site must be “responsive.” For internet research, consumers increasingly use their phones. If your website isn’t good on your screen, you can pass through it.

Include unique differentiator

Much of your website story should distinguish you from the competitors. There is little incentive for consumers to narrow your company if you do what everyone else does. You can stand out by emphasizing the areas or items in which you excel. Single differentiators potential could include: Using software that provides modern kitchen design ideas would help you a lot. 

  • Picture realistic rendering of a particular decoration
  • Brand/manufacturer you are working with
  • Presentations on Virtual Reality
  • Universal Concept
  • Functional design

Start by explaining your unique offer. For example, “You experience our photo-realist renderings in the Room before you place your order!”

Present top-class portfolio

It does not mean that you must put every one of them on your website just because your last kitchen project has taken 54 photos. Tip: Curate your images!

If your smartphone doesn’t shoot perfectly, focus on the detailed shooting and edit each photo, albeit it’s as simple as a little cut or color sharpening. With today’s technologies, you may always generate a photorealistic image in your portfolio using professional design software.

Enter a history to enrich your projects behind the design. Let the reader know about your design dilemma of A+ Construction & Remodeling. Studies have revealed that individuals want before and after images. Take this one step as functional designs demonstrate a thousand words worth an image. 

Include a magnet for lead

Getting a prospect’s contact information visiting your shop is essential for sales. This should also happen when someone sees your website. In exchange for a visitor’s name and email address, add a free download to your website. This is a lead magnet and gives you essential contact details. The lead magnet you chose must provide value for your ideal customer, such as:

  • Checklists
  • Tips to the designer
  • Tables of Comparison
  • Reports on trends

When you have the prospect, make sure you follow up on your lead magnet. To present yourself, send an email. Start a talk to find out how you can serve your needs.

Include your offer

70 percent of buyers opt to deal with a company using their online research. By browsing your website, you cannot expect a prospect of knowing what you are doing. You have to describe exactly what you or your company offers in your “Services” column. You can either deliver the design only or owe a whole company. These two different proposals are appealing to different people. In most cases, a designer would not want to undertake a turnkey project and the turnkey company would not want to engage exclusively in design.