DeSean Jackson has amassed an estimated net worth of $40 Million after creating an incredible career in the NFL. Renowned for his speed and playmaking ability, Jackson has experienced both highs and lows over his long and distinguished career spanning from Los Angeles early days through controversial moments to an outstanding NFL run. This article details this storied journey of DeSean Jackson from its beginnings until its present.

Who Is DeSean Jackson and How Did He Come to Fame?

DeSean William Jackson was born December 1 in Los Angeles. His journey towards NFL stardom started early at Long Beach Polytechnic High School where he quickly rose as one of the country’s premier wide receiver recruits and won multiple accolades including Glenn Davis Award and Mr Football State Player of Year 2004. These successes set DeSean up well for future success at University of California Berkeley where his NFL dream would continue unfolding.

What Are Jackson’s College Career Highlights?

Jackson exceeded high expectations at University of California Berkeley by being twice named First Team All Pac-10 and First Team All American for 2006 and 2007. As such, Jackson became one of the hottest prospects for NFL Draft. Jackson’s college career wasn’t just marked by records and awards – it demonstrated his ability to perform under pressure and his preparation for professional life.

How Did Jackson’s NFL Career Progress?

DeSean Jackson began his NFL journey when Philadelphia Eagles selected him with the 49th overall selection in 2008 NFL Draft. Jackson quickly made headlines during this tenure with significant achievements like earning All-Rookie Team honors from Pro Football Focus Association (PFWA) and three Pro Bowl selections; unfortunately though his relationship with them became contentious leading him to being released in 2014. After leaving Philadelphia though he would go on to join Washington Redskins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Los Angeles Rams Las Vegas Raiders as well as Baltimore Ravens before eventually retiring.

What Were Jackson’s Major Contracts and Earnings in His NFL Career?

Financially, Jackson’s NFL career has been highly rewarding. His five-year contract with the Eagles worth $47 Million began that season; two years later he signed three year/$24 Million deal with Redskins; finally in 2017 signing another three year/$33.5 Million contract with Buccaneers added even further earnings; overall by 2022 Jackson had amassed almost $92 Million salary earnings! A testament to both his value and impact within his profession.

What Controversies Has Jackson Experienced Throughout His Career?

DeSean Jackson has had no shortage of controversy during his career. From premature celebrations that result in lost fumbles or touchdowns, to his 2020 Instagram post featuring falsely attributable quotes attributed to Adolf Hitler and Louis Farrakhan that received widespread backlash, these incidents caused great uproar and Jackson later apologized profusely; these setbacks caused further friction within Jewish communities while leading him to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum as part of his learning and apology processes.

How Has Personal Life Affected Jackson’s Career?

Jackson has relied heavily on his personal life for guidance throughout his career. Influential figures such as brother Byron – an ex-practice squad player of the Kansas City Chiefs- and his late father have had profound influences over him both personally and on-field. These experiences have formed his character and resilience alike.

What Is Jackson’s Current Residence Significance?

DeSean Jackson currently resides in Moorestown, New Jersey – a choice which symbolizes his journey from Los Angeles streets to NFL fame and personal growth as he has progressed throughout his career. Moorestown serves as an indication of both these achievements.

DeSean Jackson’s journey in the NFL is an inspirational tale of talent, controversy and resilience. From high school star to Pro Bowl wide receiver in the NFL with significant financial success he made an imprintful mark. Unfortunately his career also marked with moments of controversy which he worked through and learned from. But DeSean Jackson is more than touchdowns and contracts; it is about growth, learning and always striving to excel – an inspiring tale indeed!