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Derma Geek is a skincare brand that makes multiple products. The brand is well-known in countries such as Canada and the United States. People today have to deal with skin problems due to poor eating habits and pollution. Derma Geek launched its skincare products range.

These Derma Geek Reviews provide detailed information about the site.

What’s Derma Geek?

Derma Geek is the dermatologist-certified skincare product selling site that is known for its 100% satisfactory results. Derma Geek sells original formulas that can be used to treat multiple skin conditions such as dry, oily, and sensitive skin.

You will also find products like gentle cleanser, night cream, moisturizing lotion, and moisturizer with sun protection on the official website. Every product is carefully researched and tested under expert supervision so that you can trust it completely.

But, Is Derma Geek Legit. Let’s find the answer.

What specifications does Derma Geek have?

  • Website visiting link-
  • Domain age creation date-26/08/2020
  • Fill in the form to send an e-mail
  • Phone number: (866) 635-6981
  • Address of company not listed
  • Newsletter- available
  • Social media connections- mentioned
  • Payment Methods: VISA, MasterCard and American Express.
  • Shipping policy-3-5 business days
  • Shipping charges are waived
  • Within 30 days of purchase, return policy
  • Refund policy – within a few days

Before you add the products to your shopping cart, please read these Derma Geek Review.

What are the advantages of ordering from Derma Geek

  • This website is HTTPS secure.
  • This site has a very unusual product description.
  • It also mentioned links to original social media accounts.
  • Shipping fees are not charged by the site.
  • It is well-planned and organized.
  • It sells original products.
  • You can make big savings on combos by shopping online.

What are some of the drawbacks to ordering from Derma Geek

  • Mixed reviews have been given to the website.
  • The site does not include the company location.

Is Derma Geek Legit?

This section contains all of the details that will allow our readers to determine the credibility of the website. There are many scam sites on the internet that offer high-end items at low prices in order to deceive people. It is a good idea to verify the legitimacy of any website before you place an order.

Please take note of the following points:

  • Date of creation of website domain – The domain name was verified as valid on 26/08/2020.
  • Review by customers – There are many Derma Geek reviews mentioned on the official portal.
  • Website domain expiration date – The domain name of the site will expire on 26/08/2022.
  • Discounts that are not realistic – There are no unrealistic discount offers on this site.
  • Social media connections – The website has listed active links to social media pages.
  • Quality content – The web site’s original content is of high quality.
  • Originality of the address: There is no company name on this website.
  • Alexa rank – The Alexa rank for this site is 3,106 756
  • Trust index – The site received a trust score of 60%, which is above-average.
  • Trust rank – The site has a high trust rank of 100/100.

Shoppers’ Derma Geek Reviews

We found numerous customer reviews on multiple platforms, including official websites, social media and the internet. Similar to the Facebook Page, users were also interested in whether or not it was available in Canada. People have also shared their experiences with the product on the official portal.

Derma Geek received mixed reviews from customers. You can read here how to get the tricked money back through PayPal.

The Bottom Line

These Derma Geek Review concluded that the website has received customer feedback, is over a year old and has a strong social media presence. We have received mixed reviews for its products via the internet and on other portals.

We recommend that you verify everything and read all reviews before placing an order. You must also ensure that the products are suitable for your skin type and needs. If you are scammed by a credit card at any e-store, here’s how to get a return.