First, read our review before buying from an unknown online shop. Every day, there are many online shops. Before you purchase, do your research. You can check the address, trust score and reviews of customers. Also, today we will be talking about a new website.

This website recently received a lot more attention in the United . It goes by the name Deretolo. It goes by the name Deretolo.

What’s Deretolo

Deretolo was a recent e-commerce site. It’s an online apparel store. It doesn’t have any popularity with customers. Website has no owner and is not listed with the year it was founded. Visit the website to see that there are only 4 products available at present. They all are t-shirts. The company has not given any details about itself.

Do not leave the site if you need more information. Continue checking. We’ll be looking at the specifications next.

Specifications by Deretolo

  • Delivery Times – Orders will be shipped within 5-8 days.
  • Contact address- GA30041 Cumming Marina Rd Bald Ridge 111.
  • Website Link- check out the site via
  • Contact no-+1 at 304-707-77302
  • Payment Options- Website accepts Amex/Apple Pay, Diners Club/Discover, MasterCard/Google Pay, Visa, Shop Pay and PayPal.
  • Products: Tshirts
  • Website Formation Date- The website formed on 2022/04/18.
  • Email Id- [email protected]
  • Return Policy Products can be returned within 30 Days.
  • Return Policy- The original payment form will receive the refund.
  • Newsletter Subscription is available.
  • Exchange Policy –Exchange policies are available.

The Deretolo review will provide information about the pros and con of the Deretolo website.

Deretolo Website

  • The HTTPS protocol was used to secure the website.
  • They share similar Urls and Portal names.
  • The newsletter can be downloaded.

Deretolo Website

  • There aren’t many products.
  • There isn’t much information available about their company.
  • Contact details seem sketchy.
  • There are social media platforms.
  • This website is not highly regarded.
  • So far, there haven’t been any customer reviews.
  • Products seem counterfeit.
  • The internet does not contain any information about this site.
  • The website has a very short life expectancy.

Is Deretolo Legit? Or Scam

This is the most important stage of our discussion. Here we will find out about the legitimacy elements. Do not forget to review this part.

  • Domain Date- The website’s time is now, as it was launched 1.5 months ago in 2022/04/18.
  • Trust Scoring-Trust Score, just 1% that cannot be considered a scoring system.
  • Trust Ranking Trust Ranking is also very poor, at 39.2%
  • Owner Identity –Owner details were not provided.
  • Policies All policies are accessible.
  • Authentication- The address of the company is fake.
  • Quality Content- The about Us content is 71% plagiarized.
  • Social Media Presence Check Deretolo reviews to verify that not one social media account is active.
  • Specials on Products –
  • Customer Review- reviews are not yet available.
  • Expiry Day- It’ll expire on 2023/04/18.

Customer Comments

Website validity can be determined by customer feedback. It can tell if the website’s legitimacy is genuine or false. Deretolo has not received any customer reviews. That is what our research revealed. There are no articles-based reviews or customer reviews. This website is not mentioned anywhere else on the internet.


It does not have any social media accounts or owners. The trust score and contact information for the website is low. The best part is that no reviews are available. The website is therefore suspicious.