What is a Node.js platform?

It is a server-side JavaScript environment which is based on Google’s JS engine. It is heavily focused on the event-driven HTTP servers. Node.js development company will be aware of the great advantage to use single programming language during the development of web applications. It is an easy-to-built platform that is scalable and fast network application. It has an event-driven I/O model and non-blocking Node.js that makes it more efficient. Furthermore, it is a brilliant solution for data-intensive and real-time applications that can run on distributed devices.

Advantages of using the Node.js development:

  • It offers easy scalability
  • It is easy to learn as it uses the popular programming language, JavaScript
  • It serves as a client-side and server-side for the application
  • Node.js helps in developing high performing applications
  • It has the facility to caching single modules
  • It is highly extensible

What is Deno?

It executes TypeScript and JavaScript to asynchronous desktop servers and applications. It is the new implementation which uses the modern features of the JS language. It is a secure runtime for the TypeScript and JavaScript that uses Google’s V8 and core is built in the Rust. Some benefits of using this platform are:

  • It has a well-designed module system
  • It takes care of the security
  • Supports TypeScript
  • It uses a single executable file
  • Built-in dependency inspector
  • It has a code formatter
LanguageJavaScriptJavaScript, TypeScript
Security and PermissionsNo MechanismCLI Flags
SecurityFull AccessPermissioned Access
Community SupportStrongRelatively new
PackagesNPM.JS or .TS modules
Code EngineV8 JavaScriptV8 JavaScript
TypeScript SupportNot built-inBuilt In
Importing PackagesCommon syntaxES Modules
Browser SupportVagueSupport Provides

Let us now compare Deno Vs Node.js:

Managing Third-Party Package

Deno lets the developers install various packages using the URLs. One can import the packages into the script as a library. This removes the requirement of the package manager to import the modules because Deno enables the scripts from the public URL. Since developers do not need any centralized repository which can increase the vulnerability and affect the content data.

The Node.js manages the packages with npm which has a huge ecosystem of libraries and packages. Many times the quality gets compromised, and it lacks to maintain the quality in the final product.


This is an important module to handle your platform data and maintain integrity. In Deno, the command line ‘-allow-net’, provides improvement in the security module and gives access to external permissions. They execute the code in a secure sandbox environment. The Deno developers need to access a grant with a command-line argument where no file can be deleted without your permissions.

Some more distinctions between these platforms are:

  • Deno is written in Rust programming language and Node.js uses the C++ language
  • Deno include the TypeScript that is great for large applications. It is a superset of JavaScript that aims in eliminating the coding errors before execution
  • Unlike the Node.js, Deno follows a decentralized approach with the ES6 import statements
  • Node.js does not have the capability of breaking the unhandled exceptions, which is supported in the Deno platform.

Which one should you choose currently?

Node.js will be the best choice right now, and you can hire Node.js Developers easily. The significant features that will help in the Node.js development process and eases it are:

  • Reusable code
  • Ability to handle the multiple requests
  • Enables scaling smoothly
  • It provides efficient performance
  • It prompts code execution
  • It is event-driven and asynchronous
  • It has top-notch prototyping capabilities
  • Supported by leading companies

Will Deno replace Node.js in 2021?

Deno is just released in the market, and they are still working on its features. There are cool features, but they still need to work on their browser compatibility as they are still implementing the browsers APIs. This means you need to hire Node.js developers to build great platforms using great technology support. It is the best suitable for developing various applications like:

  • Real-time web applications
  • Messaging applications
  • Social Media apps
  • Multiplayer games
  • API
  • Streaming applications
  • Chat programs
  • Virtual Emulators
  • Collaboration tools


You are now aware of some features and advantages of Node.js and Deno platforms. Node.js is still dominating in the market and gaining more attention in the development section. People are confused with the Deno and are still figuring out its working by exploring its functionalities. If you want to get great resources and support, hire Node.js developers that have experience and are aware of the recent marketing trends. Node.js Development Company will have a team of experts that can seamlessly handle each task during the development process and resolve queries whenever required.


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