Are you or a loved one suffering from an addiction? Do you worry when you hear conflicting information about the treatment options for addiction recovery?

Last year over 50 million people in the US had a mental health problem. It can be a leading factor for individuals with an addiction problem.

When trying to find a solution to your healthcare problem, it isn’t easy to find the facts. Here’s a guide to the most common addiction recovery myths that exist today.

Rehab Is a Cure

Getting clean takes work, and attending a drug rehabilitation center won’t cure you of your addiction. Addiction is a chronic condition influenced by many factors. 

Genetics is one factor, but growing up in conditions where substance abuse or trauma can complicate your situation. Mental illness can also be a factor that contributes to addiction problems.

Everyone is different, and it takes time to find the best drug rehab program for each individual. 

I Can’t Afford Rehab

Getting treatment can be expensive, but each program will have different options for paying. Your insurance may cover quite a bit of the cost to go to rehab, so it’s worth checking the details.

There are various addiction treatment options, even if you don’t have insurance. They may adjust the cost based on financial need. 

Addiction Recovery Has to Work the First Time

Some people need to attend several recovery sessions to learn the skills they need to maintain their sobriety. Recovery is a process, so having an aftercare plan is essential for your support. Take the time you need to learn more about the process.

Don’t wait until it feels like you have no other choice. Untreated addiction builds upon itself, and it’s easier to get help sooner rather than later.

Hitting Rock Bottom Is Important

This myth is common in movies, but it’s unnecessary for real life. You can attend a rehabilitation center and get the help you need before hitting rock bottom. 

It’s hard to accept treatment if you don’t want to go, but it can still work for you if you decide to try. Take the opportunity if you have the chance.

I’ll Have to Go Cold Turkey

When you enter a rehab center, you are in the care of trained individuals who will help you through your withdrawal in the most comfortable and efficient way. They will use prescription drugs to make you more comfortable in some situations.

One Myth Is Believing You Can Quit on Your Own

Wanting to quit is an important part of entering any program, but it’s challenging to do it without the support and supervision of a team. If you remain in the situation where you’ve been using, you will likely go back to your addictive behavior. 

It’s difficult to quit bad habits and even more complicated when the habit is an addiction. The staff at an alcohol rehabilitation center want you to succeed and will do what they can to help you learn new routines.

Debunk the Myths of Rehab

Now that you understand the truth about addiction recovery, you can make the right choices for yourself or your loved one. 

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