When the holiday season began the people began shopping for winter clothes. Are you thinking of updating your wardrobe with the most fashionable winter clothes? Do you wish to shop from your home for skirts, shorts, jackets, cardigans and much more? Deathv.com is the site that will pop up when you search for online stores to shop.

Deathv.com is an e-commerce website that claims to deal with fashionable clothes and accessories. From coats and winter jackets as well as shorts and cardigans, skirts and t-shirts and more, the site claims to have the most up-to-date fashionable clothing selection.

However, people from the United States are looking for Deathv.com reviews prior to purchasing.

What exactly is Deathv.com?

Deathv.com is an internet-based shop offering fashionable clothing and accessories for customers of all age groups. The site primarily caters to women’s fashion requirements and sells various fashion clothes priced at a reasonable price.

The store boasts to have the largest and finest selection of clothing for those with different budgets. The store offers featured items that are new, as well as the latest winter clothing that will meet your requirements and budget. Additionally, the items are provided with a brief description and a straightforward that makes for an easy shopping experience.

However that exist, consumers from America aren’t satisfied. United States are unfocused when it comes to shopping and searching for answer to the question: Is Deathv.com legit?.

Specifications for This Portal

  • Website URL – https://www.deathv.com/
  • Products – Cardigans, Shorts Jackets, Coats and Jackets. T-Shirts, Skirts and more
  • Email ID – support@bandif.com, JaneMandrymme73@gmail.com and support@deathv.com
  • Phone Number: (385) 367-3898 (385) 367-3898
  • Physical Address: 42-55 Colden Street #8V Flushing, NY 11355, US
  • Payment Mode: PayPal and Debit/Credit Card payments
  • Domain Age: 54 Days when the domain was registered on Sept. 22 2021.
  • Shipping Policy – There’s free shipping for orders of more than $50. Orders are typically completed within 1-2 business days following the order. It takes 3-5 days to be delivered and the expected time to deliver is 7-7 days.
  • Return and Refund Policy – The policy for refunds and returns is valid for 30 days following the date of delivery, taking into consideration the Deathv Reviews. Return requests must be submitted to support@deathv.com. After inspection of the product the refund request is made and is processed within 30 days.
  • Owner Details – Not shared
  • Social Media Link is not available. Media Link

Pros of deathv com

  • A diverse collection of clothes and fashion accessories
  • Fashion-conscious women are the focus of this site.
  • Product descriptions are available
  • FREE shipping for orders of more than $50.
  • Latest designer cloths
  • Email Newsletter Subscription available
  • The return and refund policy is valid for 30 days

The Cons of Deathv

  • There are no reviews on the internet
  • Owner’s details are not available
  • Physical address not matching with other businesses
  • Not active on social media.

Is Deathv.com Legit or Scam?

Verifying the legitimacy of a website before you shop because it will prevent you from becoming a victim to fraud on the internet. With regards to Deathv.com it has a number of loopholes that you should know about and these details will let you know if it’s an e-commerce scam or legitimate.

  • The shopping portal was recently established since the domain’s is just 54 days old. The domain was registered on the 22nd Sep 2021.
  • The domain has been registered until the 22nd Sep 2022.
  • Its trust rating for shopping site is only 1% and this suggests that shopping in the store is extremely risky and should be kept away from.
  • The store does not have the ability to draw in customers so we discovered no Deathv.com Reviews on the internet. There aren’t any reviews or testimonials that can confirm the authenticity of the store.
  • We have not found any details regarding the store’s owner.
  • The store’s address is a rental property and is not a place of business.
  • The trust score of the site is 27.3/100 This is a low score.

These are the elements which make the store suspect and suspicious. Don’t shop in the store without doing proper investigation and analysis.

Customer Review

We haven’t found any reviews, testimonials, or comments or feedback from customers. Therefore, the credibility of the store is in question. Because there aren’t any Deathv com reviews discovered, consumers aren’t sure whether to buy from the store.

It is essential to verify the authenticity and read honest reviews of consumers prior to shopping online to avoid frauds, for example.


Deathv.com is a website that sells trendy clothes and accessories. The site claims to cater to the needs of women. But, consumers aren’t keen to buy from a store which is brand new. Customers are also sceptical about the shop since there aren’t any reviews online. Deathv com reviews discovered.

It’s very dangerous to buy from an online store without reviews, testimonials, or reviews. Therefore, you should avoid these shops for shopping because it could be a scam and you could become a victim

Have you purchased any trendy clothes from the shop? Be the first to leave your feedback in the comments section.