We all know how powerful dianabol is for building muscle and strength in bodybuilders and powerlifters. But not many are aware of the side effects and how it compares to legal steroids, such as DBulk. 

In this article we will compare the two compounds, so you know which one is best for you. 

Dianabol and DBulk are both oral compounds, available as tablets. 

Dianabol is illegal and DBulk is 100% legal. 

Dianabol is bought illegally on the black market, where many products are fake or contaminated. DBulk can be bought online from legitimate companies, such as Brutal Force. 

Dianabol is not suitable for women to take, because it has a high chance of virilization. DBulk can be taken by women and will not compromise their femininity in any way. 

Dianabol has been researched thoroughly in clinical trials, whereas DBulk is a new compound and has not. (*However, the ingredients that make up DBulk are deemed safe by the FDA). 

Dianabol causes many side effects, which can be severe. DBulk does not cause any noticeable side effects. 

Dianabol Side Effects 

Dianabol negatively affects cholesterol, causing LDL to rise significantly and good cholesterol (HDL) to drop. 

This raises blood pressure and places additional strain on the heart. 

Dianabol also has aromatization activity, meaning it causes the female sex hormone (Estrogen) to rise signficantly. This increases the chances of men experiencing bouts of gynecomastia. 

Also water retention often occurs with high estrogen, due to additional sodium retention. This can lead to muscle cramps, bloating and an overall puffy look to the body. This certainly isn’t desirable when a bodybuilder takes their shirt off.  

Dianabol also is very toxic to the liver. Users will often notice their liver values rise a lot when taking oral steroids (like dianabol). Some steroid-users even get to the point of their liver failing, which simply is not worth it — just for the sake of getting in good shape. 

Dianabol also has the ability to strain the kidneys, as well as affecting sexual health due to shutting down testosterone levels. 

DBulk Benefits 

The best part about DBulk is that it doesn’t cause the side effects associated with dianabol. 

It is an oral compound, however it doesn’t cause any noticeable strain to the liver. It increases testosterone levels without causing a crash post-cycle, leaving users feeling crappy for many months. 

It doesn’t cause water retention, making the muscles look puffy. It has no risk of causing gynecomastia, with estrogen levels staying at normal levels. 

It also doesn’t increase blood pressure, with the compound not stimulating hepatic lipase in the liver, which is fundamental in BP rising on oral steroids. 

You also won’t have to worry about hair loss or having an enlarged prostate, with DBulk raising androgenic hormones to a lesser degree than real dianabol. 

Should an individual respond well to DBulk, it can be argued that it’s a superior product to dianabol. As it won’t diminish their health or put them at serious risk (in the short or long term). 

DBulk also is widely available online from the official Brutal Force website. Whereas, dianabol is not easy to obtain; having to weed through dealers to see which are legit or not. Thus, there’s a guarantee with Brutal Force that you will receive your product, compared to ordering online from illegal dealers — who might not send your product. 

DBulk has similar ingredients to D-Bal, another steroid alternative which has been around for several years — and is a best-seller in the legal steroid market. 

However, DBulk is $5 cheaper, representing good value compared to competitor products. 

Note: Only purchase DBulk from the official Brutal Force website, as other retailers may not be selling the genuine product. Brutal Force also offers a money back guarantee when returning packages unopened within 14 days. For the best deals and discount codes, visit the official website (which are displayed on a banner). 

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