Have you heard of Dead By Daylight before? Is it possible to predict when the anniversary event will take place? What are the exciting rewards of this event? The answer to all your questions is here. Dead By Daylight has been a hot topic in CanadaUnited States, as well the United Kingdom. This is because it’s an anniversary event. This Dbd Anniversary Masks blog will give information on how to start this event as well as what masks and rewards are available.

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Details about Masks by DBD

Dbd leaked information concerning the masks used in the anniversary celebration. According to the reports, Twisted Masquerade masquerade masks were unveiled during this event. The event also revealed other characters, gifts, items, and other information. This event offers many challenges and tasks. It will be a thrilling event for all.

Dbd Anniversary 2022 Masks

Twisted Masquerade Mask was a leaked feature at the event. The Twisted Masquerade Mask was also leaked during the event.

  • Event’s Tome
  • Theme: Twisted masquerade
  • Bloodhunt/rewards/discounts
  • Costumes and masks to wear for the event

These are just a few exciting characteristics of the anniversary. There are other characters that were launched. These are:

There are many amazing items at this event, in addition to these characters. Some of these items include:

This event will be very exciting and challenging. We have covered all relevant details about 6TH Anniversary Masques. Further, we will discuss when or if the event has already begun. Stay tuned to receive all the updates.

Commencement for this event

Dead By Daylight is already celebrating its 20th anniversary. The event took place at 18:30 BST (08:30 PT) and 11:30 ET. The event’s timings were kept updated so that those who knew the dates could have enjoyed some of the benefits. This event offers many challenges for both individuals and the community. Stay tuned to their official site for exciting challenges.

Community Challenges

Dbd Anniversaries Masks lists some community challenges as follows:

  • Chase survivors and become the target of killers. Chase for 1,100,000.
  • Generator breaking 10,000,000 times, and getting success at skill tests.
  • 1,400,000 survivors can be hooked or disengaged

Final Summary

Let’s wrap up the post by mentioning all details related to this event. The anniversary event of Dead By Daylight will be announced. It is a fun event with many exciting gifts and rewards.

What are you thoughts on Anniversary Masks Please share your thoughts and opinions on this event. Please let us know whether you took part in the individual or community challenges.