Path of Titans 12553 - Download for Android APK Free

You must give orders to your army in this game. You must attack the enemy’s capital and defend your own against being attacked by other enemies.

First, unlock a small portion of the map to create a city. Then upgrade it several times. Next, you will need to build a barracks or other structures within the town.

You will then need troops, which can be obtained from barracks (troops require specific amounts of food), and trained to combat readiness. Training time will increase for more soldiers.

Second, the war begins when you begin playing. However, if they get very close to each other, their kingdoms will merge based on how many trophies the have collected from smaller domains. The bigger kingdom always wins in war.

Your kingdom’s highest level determines the number of armies you can have.

Thirdly, if someone attacks you, they will receive trophies that may be equal to how many medals are required to take control of your kingdom.

Two kingdoms can be merged to get 1/2 of the award. So choose wisely. If your realm is large enough, no one can take it over without a lot of trophies.

Attack the smaller towns of your enemy before they merge them.

You can also obtain resources such as food and gold by attacking an enemy city, but only if they have fewer troops than you. You must balance invading, training troops, and upgrading buildings.

If your kingdom has many troops, you can attack them to obtain additional resources.

Take control of epic titans through impressive 3D warfare and conquer the Shattered Kingdoms!

You can also order many troops and GOD titans such as THOR and ZEUS or OSIRIS.

Collect them all, take over hostile areas, expel your realm, dominate leaderboards and build your army through the most engaging strategy PVP war MMO RPG. You are versatile!

Island War, (MOD and Easy Win) available on android latest 2021

You can also join your ALLIANCES companions and participate in DAILY EVENTS such as Alliance War, Raid Boss and Conquest modes.

The Key Features

  • Award-Winning, console-quality graphics winner of the IMGA Award of Best Technical Achievement and Game Artists of the Year.
  • Live Campaigns and Events that Never Stop: Down of titians apk is a place where war never ends. Every day, new Events begin and new Titans are added. There are also new prizes and Titans available every week.
  • Amazing Titans of Myth and Legend: Collect giant Gods and Warriors and fight them in epic PVP battles like you’ve never experienced.
  • 100% Real Time Battle Control: Manage large numbers of troops near your Titans with total order, spell projecting and assault, as well as guard.
  • Create an unbeatable alliance: Join your companions and take on other Alliances in the Season leaderboard. Then, assemble your collective solidarity to face new challenges every day.
  • You can build the Ultimate Kingdom by capturing the land and building your dream property as you engage in different activities using the MMO RPG portable!
  • You can grow your Titan collection by gathering and growing them: Choose from popular myths and legends like the strong Norse God ODIN and the Lord of Olympus, ZEUS!
  • Equip and Upgrade Your Army. Gear up your troops and Titans with amazing relics, antiquities and other items and you’re ready to go!

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Last words

This is not an online game, so if you’re looking for an online game to play, this game may not be the right one. You have your kingdom (base), where you can build structures and train troops.

This game’s main feature is the ability to build structures in the city. Make sure you upgrade buildings as each upgrade increases your resources.