Here, we’ll delve into the background of David Cameron, highlighting his early life, family background, and education. We will explore Cameron’s birth in London, upbringing in Berkshire, education at Eton College and Oxford University, and participation with the Bullingdon Club – providing us with a strong basis of his early political journey. This section will give us a deeper insight into his origins and formative years, setting him on his political career journey.

What Led to David Cameron’s Rise in Politics?

This section will focus on Cameron’s ascent in the political realm. We’ll trace his journey from working in the Conservative Research Department to becoming a Member of Parliament and eventually the leader of the Conservative Party. Key moments like his work with Norman Lamont and Michael Howard, his role at Carlton Communications, and his rise to Party leadership in 2005 will be detailed to showcase his political trajectory.

How Did David Cameron Influence UK Politics as Prime Minister?

In this part, we will investigate David Cameron’s tenure as Prime Minister beginning with the formation of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition government in 2010. We’ll focus on his policies, approach to national interests and challenges he encountered as well as his involvement with Brexit referendum process. This section aims to provide an in-depth examination of his political strategies and their effect on UK.

What Are the Key Achievements and Controversies of David Cameron’s Career?

Here, we’ll analyze both the achievements and controversies of Cameron’s career. This includes his leadership style, policy implementations, the Brexit campaign, and the Panama Papers scandal. The aim is to present a balanced view of his successes and the challenges he faced, including public and political reactions.

What Has David Cameron Been Doing Since Leaving Office?

This segment will explore Cameron’s life and activities post-politics. We will explore his work at HarperCollins UK, his memoir ‘For the Record,” his membership with National Citizen Service Patrons, and his presidency of Alzheimer’s Research UK – giving readers a sense of his shift from political figure to other roles within public life.

How Has David Cameron’s Personal Life Influenced His Career?

In this final section, we’ll delve into Cameron’s personal life, including his marriage to Samantha Sheffield, the birth of his children, and the impact of his son Ivan’s illness and passing. We’ll discuss how his family life and personal experiences have influenced his political perspectives and decisions.

Each section would be carefully crafted to ensure a comprehensive coverage of David Cameron’s life, career, and legacy, while also providing insights into the more personal aspects of his journey.