The world is home to billions of people. And approximately 40 people are the owners of 39.3 percent of the world’s wealth which is a staggering amount. A lot of people from the United Kingdomand United America have millions of dollars in their pockets. There are individuals who earn through reasonable means while others make money through illegal means in accordance with the laws.

Dario Antonio is one of these millionaire, but before we get to know the details of Dario Antonio Usuga David’s Net Worth , let’s talk about his life.

The first life of and affiliations

Dario was born the 15th of September 1971. He is known to the public by Otoniel the nickname he has earned. He is a narcotrafficker who was a part of Colombia in the past and was the leader of the Gulf Clan, a drug trafficking organization. David was among the communist guerilla organization called The Popular Liberation Army until it was disbanded in the year 1991. Then, he joined the United Self Defense, Colombia. He was arrested in October 2021. the public would still want to know more about Dario Antonio Usuga David’s Net Worth.

Dario was a operative with Daniel Rendom Herrera in the year 2005. He then headed his own group, Los Urabenos, which is an organized crime group with Giovanni, his brother. Giovanni in the year 2009. Dario assumed full control of the group following his brother’s death. was shot dead in an arrest by police.


The agents of Colombian intelligence sought out information about Usuga’s hiding place in Uraba in the early part of October 2021. The location of his hideout was tracked by Cartel members who assisted him by bringing the right kind of medicine he needed for his kidney condition. His capture was not simple for the police. Being aware of Dario Antonio Usuga David’s Net Worth could be thrilling however the method used by him was unjust and affected the lives of many millions.

El Blanco, a codenamed military group, went to and sealed off the area of Usuga with thousands of troops as well as 10 drones for surveillance along with 20 helicopters early in the day hours of the 22nd of October. The routes that could be used to escape, including roads rivers, oceans, and seas were blocked. They were successful in taking down Usuga at the end of the 23rd of October. He was a wanted drug dealer, and in exchange to get him out Colombia’s government Colombia offered a $800,000 reward.

Dario Antonio Usuga David Net Worth

According to reports that the estimated net value of Usuga up to 2020 was $1 million to $5 million. All the money accumulated by him comes from drug trafficking. It is believed that the Government of New York, Colombia and Colombia issued massive bonuses upon his arrest, and the day he was finally arrested, it was October 23, 2021.


To conclude the article In the final section, we collected a wealth of information on David’s life in the beginning, his captivity and net worth. Unfortunately, his ways were not fair, and his money is worthless. For more information details about David Antonia Usuga check out this page.

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