This article includes information about the Dana White Slap Incident Video, as well other pertinent facts about this couple.

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Why is Dana White’s news trending so much?

UFC president Dana White was caught in a nightclub slapping a wife. Dana was not punished for the incident, which became viral in the United States and other countries.

Dana White’s video Viral Twitter

Dana White, slapping his wife, goes viral on the internet. It is accessible on every social media platform like Twitter, Reddit, etc. The video runs for approximately 49 seconds, and people are still trying to figure out why.

All who watched the video were unhappy with one thing: Dana White hasn’t been charged.

What’s Dana White’s reaction?

Everybody wanted to hear Dana’s explanation about the incident after it was published on Youtubeand others. Recently, he spoke out to admit that he was embarrassed about what had occurred between him and his wife and that there was no excuse.

Dana also said to the reporter that although he wants to leave UFC, it would impact the brand and its employees. He claimed that he will have to carry the label of hitting his wife for the rest his life. Many people are posting comments on Insta about the incident.

What has Anna White to say about this incident?

Dana white slapping Anna, a couple that has been married for 26 year is quite shocking. The viral video went viral on Tiktok, and other platforms. Anna told reporters that they were both extremely drunk and that this had never happened before.