We may have all seen or heard about Big Rich Texas, the television reality show from The United States. You must also have heard of Cynthia Davis and Alexandra. Alexandra is a controversial figure, and everyone wants more.

Cynthia Davis Texas daughter Alexandra claims that her father is a billionaire. This is why the news has gone viral and people are now looking for every detail. Let’s continue reading this article to learn more about Alexandra’s claim regarding her father.

Who’s Cynthia Davis?

American actress, she is most well-known for her role in Cooley High (1975). The web series Big Rich Texas, which was launched in 2011, brought Cynthia Davis into the spotlight. Alexandra, Cynthia’s daughter, also appeared in the series and played the role as Cynthia’s daughter.

The Latest Controversy of Cynthia Davis Dallas and Her Daughter

Alexandra Davis, Cynthia’s daughter, has filed a lawsuit against Dallas cowboys owner jerry Jones. She claims that she is the biological child of jerry Jones. Alexandra’s lawyers filed a lawsuit in Dallas Court. They claimed that Cynthia and jerry Jones had a relationship in her twenties, which led to her becoming pregnant. Cynthia and Jerry Jones made an agreement to provide financial support for Alexandra and her mother. She will not reveal Alexandra’s father’s identity.

Alexandra Davis has filed a plea in Dallas to declare that she isn’t legally bound by any settlements between Cynthia Davis Big Rich Texas and Jerry Jones. She stated that she did not want to lose her financial trust. She also requested a declaration from the court that this settlement agreement was invalid.

Allegations in a Lawsuit against Jerry Jones.

Cynthia had been estranged from her husband since she met Jones. Jones pursued Cynthia and they began a relationship. Alexandra was then born in 1996. It was discovered that Cynthia’s husband, Jerry Jones, is not Alexandra’s father. However, she is Cynthia Jones’ daughter. In an effort to keep the incident quiet, Jones and his lawyer reached a settlement with Cynthia Davis Texas and agreed to pay Cynthia 57,000 dollars.

Both parties agreed that Jones would provide financial support for the mother and child as long as she did not make the news public. The agreement was extended to Alexandra, which was to receive funding from Jerry Jones up until her 21st birthday and a lump sum each year when she turns 24, 26 and 28.


We have talked about the alleged relationship between Cynthia Davis and her billionaire dad, Jerry Jones. We also saw the settlement between Cynthia Big Rich Texas and jerry Jones to conceal the fact that jones was Alexandra’s biological dad.