Tips to cut your electric bill in half

It is possible to reduce the cost of electricity and gas not only by changing suppliers, but in other ways too. To cut the electric bill in half, you must know how to read my electric bill; if you know, you’re ready to go. So, in the first case, your savings will be only £ 400 per year. For those who do not consider such indicators worthy of their attention, Scott James can give them useful advice.

Correctly selected window blocks will reduce the amount of consumed energy. At a time when PVC windows need frequent replacement, refurbishments of wooden ones are rare. However, the advantages of window blocks and sills made of wood don’t end there.

Draught-proof your home

Maintaining a perfect microclimate in residential premises all year round will not be difficult if you have wooden windows in your house. Reducing the amount of consumed energy is possible due to the modern sealing layer. It prevents drafts, which are the main problem. Innovative development will solve other problems, for example:

  • ingress of moisture;
  • settling of street dust in your house;
  • low noise insulation.

The sealing system is suitable for all windows, so no major repairs are required. Since you can choose the appropriate design by following the link, you will be able to create the perfect combination.

Install secondary glazing

Double glazing wasn’t possible before, but today everything has changed. There is no need to replace windows to install double-glazed ones. Modern technologies make it possible to carry out the procedure at minimal cost. There are two options to choose from: insertion into an existing frame or placing a custom order.

Whatever you choose, you don’t have to make a deal with your conscience in order to cut your energy usage. Double glazing will harmoniously fit into any exterior and delight you with its high efficiency. Thus, it will be possible to provide additional insulation, which will affect the amount of consumed energy.

Timber window is draughty

Protecting your home from drafts is an attractive idea too. The system of seals will solve this problem in no time, which means that you will be able to save on heat resources. Combining a few tips will help you cut down on your energy use.

In order for your windows to retain their properties, it is worth remembering that regular inspection is required. As a rule, it’s enough to check the condition of your window units once a year. Timely timber windows restoration will give you comfort and maintain a perfect microclimate.

Upgrade Your Curtains

This isn’t obvious, but the right curtains will also help you save money. In order to reduce your consumption of electricity or other energy resources, you just need to close your windows at night. Dense fabric prevents cold from getting inside your house, so you should choose from:

  • velvet;
  • brocade;
  • jacquard.

The thermal insulation properties of these materials are much higher than others, so simple sewing of curtains will help you solve this problem. In addition, products made from such fabrics perfectly emphasize the style of your room and don’t stand out from the overall design.