People of all ages adore popcorn, one of the yummiest snacks. You can enjoy these snacks on different occasions. For instance, a movie is complete with popcorn! However, the fierce competition among brands urges them to set a distinctive benchmark.

You can’t accomplish this goal if customized popcorn boxes are not up to the mark. Unfortunately, most of the time, brands don’t pay much attention to the packaging. As there is a misconception that it is expensive.

But believe us! You can easily afford to package by making smart choices. Popcorn brands are always in search of ways to make packaging pocket-friendly. Custom popcorn packaging can improve your brand’s prosperity without breaking the bank.

This blog will give you comprehensive knowledge of designing packaging by staying within your budget.

  1. Go for an Appropriate Size Box

The size of the custom popcorn boxes plays a key role in making them cost-effective. Analyze your products well before choosing the packaging for them. You should know about the size which is appropriate for your product.

What’s the purpose of choosing a bigger size box for smaller products? Choosing the wrong size will make you pay more than you need. On the other hand, packaging a small product in a large box wastes your money.

  1. Use of Paint Instead of Print

Printing can be expensive if you don’t want to spend much on the packaging. If this is the case, choose to decorate the customized popcorn boxes with paint. First, you can dye the box with one color from the outside. Then, choose a different color for each side of the box to give an aesthetic touch.

Apart from that, you can go with small pattern designs with multiple shades. Painting is more cost-effective than printing and will also help label the boxes. You are well aware that children love the painted popcorn box. So, drive your sales while keeping your packaging budget low.

  1. Recyclable Boxes Are the New Trend!

Using the old material to produce newly printed popcorn boxes is a budget-friendly design idea. Yes, you heard it right! We are talking about recyclable boxes. Reusing the old packaging material can help you save a considerable amount, affecting your annual ROI.

That’s why brands are always looking for a sustainable packaging approach. You can use it repeatedly when you encase the popcorn in repurposed packaging. Apart from that, you can also use the box for other purposes. For instance, you can store candies, jewelry, or other items.

Recycling not only saves your cost, but it also plays a positive impact on our environment. In addition, it will also help to generate more revenues by drawing more sales.

  1. Focus on Product Safety

The prime function of packaging is to assure product safety. Poorly manufactured customized popcorn boxes packaging can result in crushed or damaged shaped popcorn. This will lead to disappointing your customers and result in negative sales.

So, if you want to avoid fewer sales, you must focus on the packaging material of the box. A sturdy material will help you to avoid returns and drive your sales. Cardboard and corrugated material aren’t only durable but also cost-effective. Never forget that poorly designed popcorn boxes will cost you more in the long run.

  1. Choose Aesthetically Appealing Designs

Adding uniqueness to custom boxes can grab customers’ attention instantly. For example, you can use stripped shape boxes, ghost shape boxes, and bat-shaped boxes on Halloween or other events. The use of die-cut windows can also make your packages highly appealing.

If your customer is a football and Messi lover, you can design customized popcorn boxes by printing a Messi picture or his slogan. But, to speak the truth, all these designs are often more expensive than a standard box.

You can’t save money to a considerable extent by following unique shapes and designs. However, when you consider the big picture, it can save you a bundle. So give these unique shapes a try and become the center of attention among popcorn lovers.

  1. Place Bulk Order

If you are an established business, you always need hundreds of boxes. Placing short-run orders will cost you more. So, always come with a backup plan. Buying in bulk can solve your problem.

Popcorn boxes wholesale are not paid too much cost and also meet your packaging needs. So do your research to find a packaging supplier that offers affordable popcorn boxes. While searching for a box manufacturer, remember the name Half Price Packaging! The professional of this company will design your packages as per the latest trends and at wholesale rates.

  1. Choose Small Popcorn Boxes

Choose small popcorn boxes as opposed to enormous or big-size packaging boxes. These are practical and relatively affordable when compared to alternative solutions. As a result, small boxes will be a hit with customers.

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It will make you stand out and give products a fascinating appeal. Additionally, you can give them as gifts on certain occasions. For example, customized popcorn boxes for bridal showers make your event memorable. These tiny packaging offer simplicity and convenience as well. Because of its modest weight, it significantly lowers your delivery costs.

  1. Try To Be Creative!

Small startups can’t afford premium packaging due to low resources. But nothing to worry about! If you can’t go with the flow, be the flow. Have you heard about DIY? Doing yourself is a great and cost-effective way to design packaging.

You can order plain popcorn boxes and customize them according to your preferences and budget. Consumers love DIY items and will prefer your brand over others. In addition, you can take video tutorials if you don’t know how to start.

Bottom Line!

Custom packaging can act as a big investment for your brand. Follow the design mentioned above; they will help you to make your packaging budget-friendly. Be careful while choosing a manufacturer! Half Price Packaging can help you to have the best popcorn packaging. You will get various discounts and holiday deals to help make your packaging affordable.