Custom Sleeve Boxes offer a lot of advantages to businesses. They can help companies save on product designing and product testing costs. Allow storing of goods for a long time. Can even help cut down product development costs. It is important for companies to choose the right custom box or packaging design and services from a reputable custom merchandise packaging company. These companies specialize in designing, developing, and manufacturing custom printed boxes, bags, sleeves, and cases for a number of products such as snack bars, fashion accessories, office supplies, medical supplies, home goods, stationery, toys, wines, water, books, CDs, DVDs, jewelry, food, promotional products, and other products.

Custom Sleeve Boxes

One of the easiest product packaging or gift packaging to create. So, these colorful boxes are the most charming choice to pack, ship, and shop goods. Moreover, these custom sleeve boxes can be obtained in many appealing shapes, styles, and sizes. A few examples include novelty, custom shapes, square boxes, circular, cylindrical, hexagonal, octagonal, heart-shaped, plastic, wooden, tin, and custom shaped boxes with lids. It can also vary in sizes depending on the product that needs to be packaged.


Shapes and sizes are a crucial factor in creating the ideal custom sleeve boxes. Thus, manufacturers and suppliers should look for durable and high quality packaging material that is made of eco-friendly material. Some top brands in the market today are made of recycled cardboard, which is very beneficial to the environment. Plus, it can also be customizing in different shapes, colors, prints, and materials. Furthermore, eco-friendly packaging material are ideal for mass productions. These PVC sleeves can be printing with images and text; and therefore, they can also be used for web and print marketing purposes.

Brand Identity

Most manufacturers usually design these custom sleeve boxes bearing the logo or trademark of their brand. This creates a powerful brand identity in the market, especially when the products are widely distributed. In addition, custom printed boxes can be used as a giveaway during corporate events or trade shows. These giveaway products are an effective and affordable way of promoting a brand. Therefore, companies should invest on designing attractive and functional boxes bearing their logo or trademark.


Custom cut products are designing to perfection using high-end die-cutting machine. This reduces the production cost and makes the finished product appear elegant, stylish, and eye-catching. The shape of each box is carefully based on the product being packing. For example, a slim and elegant box is suitable for products that need to fit snugly, such as electronic devices. However, a tapered and thicker variety is more appropriate for slim pens, mobile phones, pens, and mini-books. Similarly, boxes with sharp corners are better designing for products that needing to be placing on a desk, such as notebooks and laptops.


When a company promotes an eco-friendly initiative, its logo or brand name is printing in a contrasting color comparing to its packaging. Most manufacturers use cardboard to print their logo and brand names, but eco-friendly manufacturers choose eco-friendly materials, such as coconut shells or recycled plastic. In addition to being eco-friendly, custom printing boxes with unique shapes and attractive colors also promote the company’s eco-friendly image. Therefore, it is advisable to purchasing boxes that have no PVC lines and are made from eco-friendly material.


Custom printed boxes with company logos and promotional texts are a cost-effective and effective way of promoting a company’s business. Most manufacturers design custom boxes bearing their company name and logo, and can be personalized with catchy phrases and graphics. A number of promotional custom sleeve boxes include mugs, tins, pens, umbrellas, key rings, calculators, notepads, calendars, letter openers, USBs, pens and mouse pads. These items are ideal for businesses that want to give their employees or customers novel promotional gifts that will help them in their daily work.


Custom food sleeve packaging comes in various designs; therefore, it is advisable to avail of custom box designs that can be customizing according to the taste of a customer. Moreover, novelty custom boxes can be using to add colorful characters to food products, especially those that appeal to children. Most manufacturers design funny boxes that feature cartoon characters or symbols resembling popular cartoon shows or movies, including popular characters like Strawberry Shortcake, Hello Kitty, or Dora the Explorer. Moreover, custom food sleeve packaging can have images of birds, fish, fruits, vegetables, or other food items that appeal to a child’s tastes. For adults, custom food sleeve packaging with funny texts or slogans can also be chosen. In addition, custom boxes can be designing with humorous phrases or statements about a person, such as “My wife!”