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Custom triathlon suits are the perfect clothing for anyone who wants to take their athletic performance to the next level. Tri-suits have been designed with a specific purpose in mind. Triathlon suits help you transition from one sport to another in a flash, and they give you a leg up on your competition by providing support where it is needed most. Whether you need swimwear that won’t impede your stroke or bike shorts that will keep you going for miles, custom triathlon suits can be tailored specifically for you.

What is Custom Triathlons Suits?

In order to participate in a triathlon, you need a suit. And if you’re going for first place, it had better be custom made! Custom suits are the best option when competing because they fit perfectly and provide freedom of movement. They tend to cost more than off-the-rack competition swimwear options.

5 Reasons Why Choose Custom Triathlon Suits

Choosing the right triathlon suits is a challenge for most athletes. The following are five reasons why choosing a custom triathlon suit is the way to go:

1. Fits Right Every Time

A custom triathlon suit will always fit. A custom suit will fit to your body type and it will be tailored perfectly. You can have a tailor add in sizing for the garment if you would like, which is great when making triathlon suits for people who are unusually tall or short.

The benefit of having a suit made out of spandex instead of cotton is that you don’t need to worry about shrinkage after laundering or wearing repeatedly. You only want the lycra material so this makes sense! And yes…this means no ironing needed either! If you have ever worn an ill-fitting swimsuit then you know how uncomfortable that can feel while doing any activity – not good at all!

2. Best For Swimming, Biking, and Running

As you can see in the heading above, a triathlon suit is great for swimming because it covers your whole body. This keeps water out and allows you to swim at high speeds without losing energy or getting cold. You want this same material on running shorts so that when you are biking outside – which will be hot – sweat doesn’t get trapped inside of them leaving uncomfortable chafing spots while riding…yikes! Not something anyone wants to deal with during an event like this where there are not many places to stop for relief.

The reason why these suits were made particularly long was that they aren’t just used for races but also training sessions as well. The extra length makes sure that no skin gets pinched by anything while biking or running. This is why they are also used for triathlons by most athletes because it will keep your muscles relaxed.

3. Freedom Of Movement For Athletes With Injuries or Surgeries

Triathlon Suit is best for athletes with injuries or surgeries because it doesn’t hinder your movement. It is well-designed to allow full range of motion, including the ability to raise your arms above your head without the suit ripping or tearing.

You can even wear Triathlon Suit on an operating table while undergoing injuries, post-op recovery and during physiotherapy sessions. The unique design allows for quick access to all parts of your body so you don’t have to be exposed any more than necessary when getting dressed.

4. Custom Designs

Triathlon suits are not just for professional athletes anymore. Triathletes continue to push themselves harder than ever before, competing with the best in the world and pushing their own personal limits of endurance.

5.  High customer satisfaction rate

The Custom Triathlon Suits Men Women Australia customer satisfaction rate is high with most customers satisfied.  One customer notes, “the suit is good quality and fits well”.

Most of the comments on social media are positive noting that they really like their new tri suit, made an order mistake but was quickly remedied without any hassle time or effort, or it looks great!

Where to buy Custom Triathlon Suits?

You can buy custom triathlon suits online from Amazon, eBay, or the triathlon apparel companies’ websites. Remember to know your proper size before buying a custom suit online. Custom-made triathlon suits are well worth the cost because you will have less chafing and skin irritation during long races.


After reading this blog post, I hope you’ve learned a few things about custom triathlon suits and how they can be beneficial to your next race. There are many different options available for people who want to have the best looking suit on their team.

You should never settle for something that doesn’t look or feel great just because it is cheap. If you’re in need of a new racing outfit, consider using one of these tips as a starting point for finding what will work best!