The custom stickers support text or images printed on an adhesive sheet die-cut in the shape you want. Custom-shaped stickers are an economical and versatile way to take your advertising image to any element or support, such as canning jars, personalized packaging, sealing boxes, bottles of beer, wine, and spirits.

It doesn’t matter what you want to label; tell a professional the shape and quantity, and they’ll make it happen for you, and if you don’t have the design, you get some template with ideas. The custom stickers are also perfect for providing that special touch when packaging your products, as a gift, for events.

Self-adhesive labels, personalized stickers, or large format vinyl

Each one is intended for the customization of a specific type of product or material. First of all, we must associate labels and stickers with small-format products between 1 and 22 cm and types of vinyl with large-format products whose minimum size is 15 cm.

But size is not the only factor in choosing our labels or stickers, and that is why we are here, to help you show you what the qualities of each of them are:


They have a high-quality definition ideal for printing text and small details, they are supplied in rolls, and it is not necessary to print large quantities, available in a wide variety of paper and polypropylene materials. It’s most widespread use is for labeling bottles of wine, beer, or water, as well as food products such as jars of honey or jam. Recently, its use has been extended to the personalization of objects for weddings, baptisms, and communions—birthdays or as stickers to mark pencils, notebooks, and books in an original way for children.

Custom stickers

Its vinyl printing allows manufacturing with all kinds of simple shapes adapted to your design. They are manufactured in both permanent and repositionable materials with high resolution and without manufacturing minimums. They are often used for item customization. Stickers for cars, motorcycles, bikes, or furniture are just some of its uses that allow us to personalize our objects in an original and fun way.

Adhesive vinyl

They are vinyl of dimensions greater than 15 cm on a wide variety of permanent or repositionable materials, among which there is numerous durability depending on the weather conditions where they are applied and that allow a wide variety of finishes. Wall stickers or photomurals, vehicle lettering, or window decoration are just some of the many applications of personalized vinyl.

High-quality label and sticker printing

Printing at Sira Print is synonymous with a guarantee of quality in all its products, thanks to the use of the latest printing technology, finishing, and extensive experience in the sector that allow us to offer our customers high-quality products at very competitive prices.

Why choose Sira Print to print personalized labels and stickers?

At Sira Print, we offer high-quality products with very short production and delivery times at the most competitive prices on the market. All this is achieved thanks to the most modern printing technology on the market combined with extreme production organization and quality controls.

How do I print my stickers and labels?

If you already know which product is the one that best suits your product, the rest is sewing and singing? You have to make a few clicks by following the steps below:

●       Choose the product you want among the different labels, stickers, and vinyl decals.

●       Select the customization options you prefer.

●       Place your order for stickers or labels.

●       Upload the file for printing. Remember that you have the option of “professional review.”