The manufacturers of custom gift boxes are working day in, day out to keep the packaging flowing to the product makers, including the boxes for consumer goods and other essentials amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Though the contagion has disrupted the availability of these products to an extent, product manufacturers and packaging suppliers are still making every effort to ensure that these items continue to flow to the markets uninterruptedly. So consumers across the US can enjoy steady and stable supplies of the desired products.   

To ensure the steady supply of packaging,custom printed gift boxes manufacturers are operating box plants under the strict guidelines of the authorities to ensure product makers can continuously supply their products. Sharing their thoughts on the current crisis, the experts at The Legacy Printing said, we want to assure manufacturers that the packaging industry will continue to operate and deliver needed packages. So they can continue to supply their items to consumers, retail stores, etc. and keep us all safe and healthy.      

Many packaging firms are supporting the American Forest & Paper Association’s stance that encourages both states and the federal government to declare corrugated packaging as an “essential” for “Shelter in Place” orders.

Packaging suppliers are well aware of the fact that getting products to market, especially the ones required to combat the novel coronavirus are more important than ever. As a result, not only they are shifting work between multiple facilities, but they are also ensuring their supply chain remains secure.   

Keeping Businesses Afloat During COVID-19

In these unprecedented times, packaging suppliers are ardently playing their part to help businesses afloat by keeping their locations open and ready to support the custom gift boxes and other packaging needs. Companies like The Legacy Printing have design and manufacturing capabilities that can support any new or existing project, including the orders for products that support the efforts of the American nation in these trying times.

Amidst all this, packaging companies will continue to follow local, state, and health authorities’ recommendations at all of their facilities to keep their employees safe from the perilous virus. That said, a high percentage of the staff is directed to work from home, including key management and office personnel. Additionally, they have embraced new protocols and implemented new procedures for shipping and logistics teams.  

Many are receiving orders and inquiries via their website, so you won’t have to visit them in-person. In case of queries, consumers are encouraged to reach out via phone, email, or video calls.

Sure, limiting consumers from visiting the facilities is vital to keep everyone safe and healthy, doing so may raise concerns around maintaining proper packaging inventory levels. Thanks to modern inventory management solutions, packaging manufacturers are accurately managing inventory without requiring a representative to be at the site.

We are All in this Together and We will get through this Together

Packaging companies are honored to support the businesses and end consumers in these trying times. Not only they are keeping their sites operational, but they are also generously donating funds to local food banks, hospitals and not-for-profit charity organizations that are focusing on the well-being of the people. The packaging industry believes that “we all are in this together and together we can weather any storm”. The packaging fraternity believes that by helping one another, we can make this challenging time a little easier for everyone.

So it’s time that everyone should play their part by doing any good deeds they can and help fight this novel pandemic.