As a student, you will have already written an abundant number of essays. No matter what stage in your academic life you are at, it never gets any easier. Essay writing is a challenge that transcends classes and becomes more difficult with each passing grade; the only thing that does not change is the stress it induces in students.

To help students in their pursuit of submitting the perfect essay to their professors, essay writing services like work tirelessly around the clock to ensure that they create a masterpiece so that you can get the best grade. Getting a custom essay written sounds like a wonderful solution, but you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages it comes with before you opt for it. Similar to most things in life, paper writing services also have pros and cons. The following list of pros and cons has been compiled to allow you to make an informed decision.

Pros of Custom Essays:

A writing website will help a student manage their academic tasks in a manner that allows them to allocate enough time to non-academic activities too. Students have so many responsibilities that they have to multitask with everything to meet deadlines. At this point, they can use custom essay writing services and know that they will encounter the following advantages:

Writing Services Increase Your Grades

An essay writing service has years of experience with creating and composing academic papers. They are fully aware of all the requirements a professor looks for, even if you are not. As a result of this knowledge, they know how to produce a paper that meets all the standards and ensures you get a good grade. Their aim is not for you to receive a passing grade but get an A.

Furthermore, they have received orders from different colleges, so they know how to manage writing papers for a wide variety.

Professional Writers

Among the pros of essay writingis that they only hire the best of the best writers. Usually, a writer will have more than five years of writing experience. The academic criteria for these writers are pretty strict, too; they need to have at least a bachelor’s degree to be eligible, and even, so their chances of getting picked are slim. Most of the writers have a master’s degree or a Ph.D. and some teaching experience.

Moreover, the writers chosen come with different academic backgrounds. It ensures that they can write a good, updated, and informational essay about any topic they want. You may find it hard to believe, but many college professors also write for these services on the sidelines.

Quality Work

As a student, you have to multitask to get things done. The issue with multitasking is that your attention is divided, and the lack of focus results in a lack of quality in your document. In contrast to this, when you order an essay, the authors only have one task: to write a high-quality essay for you. And nine times out of ten, they deliver. Due to the experienced nature of the writers, they can create an A-grade worthy paper in less than half the time it would take you. Students are often unaware of trivial little mistakes they make, which pile up and cost them a grade. These types of trivial errors will not be an issue when you get a custom essay.

When you order an essay from a website, they create a list of content to provide it a structure. The information begins to flow naturally and logically, which helps the reader better comprehend the concept. It also prevents any unnecessary information repetition. The essay will be of a high-quality with;

  • An introduction that provides the background and a thesis statement;
  • A body divided into paragraphs, each of which elaborates on one theme of the paper;
  • A conclusion that sums up the entire essay in a brief manner.

Money-Back Guarantee

For these services to gain your confidence, they offer a money-back guarantee. The guarantee simply states that if a particular set of instructions are not met, then you will get your deposit back and will not have to pay the remaining amount for the order. In addition to this, they also offer some extra services such as free revisions for up to fourteen days or application of a particular formatting method.

Cons of Custom Essays:

To make an informed decision, you need to be aware of all the cons of essay writing websites. These websites are a great help to students, but they can cost you your grade if not chosen with care. Be aware that you may encounter the following disadvantages of opting to use a paper writing service.

Finding a Good Academic Writing Service can be Hard

If you search online for a writing service, a plethora of options will be at your fingertips. You will have to sift through them to find the right one, not an easy task. You can very easily fall prey to bad service in pursuit of a cheap essay writing service. You have to look up all their offers, search for online reviews and even ask colleagues for help in finding the right one.

Risk of Plagiarized Content

With a cheap essay writing website, you do run the risk of getting a plagiarized paper. Writing an academic document takes time and effort. So, if someone is willing to do it very fast and not charging enough, it may be a hoax. You can try to ask the service to provide a complimentary plagiarism-free report with a money-back guarantee to cater to this issue.

Can contain Grammatical Errors

A bad writing service will try to hand over the document to you as soon as possible and receive payment. In a rush, the writers will not proofread the assignment, and it has a few grammatical, spelling, and formatting errors.

Deadline Missing Issue

Although, some services offer a money-back guarantee for missing a deadline. Unfortunately, by the time your assignment deadline has passed as well. You may get a refund, but you have already lost the grade, and it isn’t worth the risk.


We hope that the list of pros and cons will help you decide whether a writing service is for you or not. It may help share your academic burden but can also increase it. So, be careful and make an informed decision.

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