Salesforce development company is a pomegranate, a symbol of prosperity and eternal life. We named our company this way because we strive to create IT products that are effective today and can be developed in the future.

We have already managed to develop many diverse applications and now we know exactly which projects we are best at. These are complex architectural solutions with a convenient stylish interface.

We create complex solutions: applications for both platforms, a site for project support, web tools for administrators, if necessary, an API, and a server. We make sure that our clients receive ready-made business tools that are convenient to work with.

Don’t waste time hiring experts

You do not have to hire experts to solve a narrow task, it is much more profitable to always have them “at hand”, but only involve them when necessary. It is cheaper, faster, more convenient and, as a result, much more efficient.

Don’t delay bringing the product to market

You do not need to waste time recruiting personnel with the necessary qualifications, a ready-made professional team is already ready to start implementing your task in order to bring your product to the commercial stage as quickly as possible.

Expand. Seriously. Fast and unmistakable.

We will scale your business without the need to increase fixed costs and expand the staff to solve these problems.

When required

The need to order the development of individual software arises if:

  • the business is expanding or undergoing significant changes;
  • there is an introduction of a new technological process, function or technology, the processing of which standard software is not able to perform;
  • it is required to ensure full information protection of the processed data or high financial security.

It is us because we think about such things:

1. We will always adhere to the principle of engineering-first (first design), while the principle of design-first (first design) leads your product to a dead end to the impossibility of further development.

2. The first results obtained will look like a finished working prototype, and not like a design outline.

3. Taking into account our own expertise, we evaluate in advance the applicability of the ordered solutions, so our customers receive not a senselessly executed TOR, but a working and efficient product.

4. We design the application architecture in advance in such a way that it does not have to be changed in the future, and the product can be easily scaled. This principle, which is the foundation of your solution, will ultimately determine the flexibility of your product, scalability, and adaptability to new market requirements, while the reverse approaches turn your product into an unsupportable and clumsy mechanism that lags more and more behind market requirements.

This is just a small part of the tasks that are performed by Salesforce programmers who develop software individually for the requirements of a particular customer, based on the structure of the enterprise and the range of work performed in the company’s office.