Custom Candle boxes are gaining immense popularity. With the rise in the candle business, Small business owners are focusing on their packaging to beat the competition. Why has packaging become such an essential part of the product business, specialty items like personalized candles? Customized packaging has several benefits that become important for a company like Brand recognition, improving purchase decisions, Communicating with the customer, and product safety.

While Choosing your custom Candle boxes packaging, we need to look for a few things. In this article, I have listed a few essential things that will help you create a professionally designed Candle box.

Product Requirement:

The first thing is to understand the product, what kind of Packaging is required that matches the product personality, the reason for choosing a customized Packaging, and the cost factor. Every brand has a different reason and packaging style. Some have a retail presence and want their product to standout on the shelf, some brands only hasan online presence, and their Packaging is the way to ship their candles to their customers securely. In both case, the packaging requirements will be different.

  1. In the first case, the company should be considering going for a premium candle box or a rigid candle box with extra details like foiling and embossing to give a luxury look on the shelf, or if a brand is more focused on sustainability, they can choose Kraft candle boxes and choose a minimalistic design.
  2. If the product identity is based online, and the purpose of Packaging will be to ship the product securely, then a corrugated box will be a suitable option. Some brands have more than one product packaging. For these packaging, a custom mailer box with an insert will be a good option. Candles will look more professional and can be safely shipped, plus they are an excellent medium for marketing. You can send the mailer boxes out as PR giveaways to the influencer and use the box opening on your Instagram reels.


Once you have analyzed the product requirements, the next vital thing to consider is the budget, as It all depends on your product pricing and the budget you can allocate for the Packaging. You should choose premium candle boxes if your product is in the luxury candle category. Some brands relate premium packaging with cost and sometimes overspend on the packaging. If you have a small business yet want your candle packaging to give a luxury look, there are a few intelligent things you can do to give your Packaging that aesthetic look.

A premium box doe not always mean spending more money. Once you select a design for your box, keep an eye on the extra details that you can add to the same design and try to negotiate with the printer to provide free additional finish options, That a great win to start. Even if you have a minimalistic design like a black logo on white uncoated carstock. You can add details that match your brand and get them Embossed Or add a touch of foil. To get even more, why not add a texture on the card and get a custom die cut window or arch that can give a sneak peek of your candle? All these things can be done with no extra cost, providing your Packaging a wow factor with just being a little more creative.

So understanding your budget is essential, but that doesn’t stop you from being creative. When looking for a budget also consider the weight on the box, the cost of shipping, or if you will be using additional Packaging to ship like a bubble mailer or shipping box. Sometimes ordering a custom Mailer box makes more sense as it becomes your primary Packaging and can be sent directly.

Choose a box style:

Candle packaging comes in a variety of different styles and material options. Here are a few:

Different Material options:

1 Cardstock boxes

2 Rigid boxes

3 Candle Mailer boxes

4 Kraft Candle boxes

5 Corrugated Candle boxes

Different Box styles:

1: Straight tuck end boxes

2: Reverse tuck end boxes

3: Two Piece candle boxes

4: Drawer boxes

5: Window boxes

6: Mailer boxes

7: Magnetic Flap open boxes

Every brand has a different style requirement so there are no set rules when it comes to boxing styles. The most common box styles are straight tuck, rigid, and mailer boxes. If you’re unsure, ask the printer to guide you for the best packaging style in your given budget. At, we provide free consultation services.

Take Accurate measurements:

Once you can set the budget, and selected your box style and the material, now it’s time to get a proper measurement for your boxes. Now it’s necessary to understand the size when placing the packaging order. It currently only saves a lot of cost but also helps to protect against damaging the Packaging. 

There a few ways to take proper dimensions of your box. For single packaging take the diameter of the candle for length and width and from top to bottom take the height, tell your printer the measurement of the product and they will help you create the box dimensions. To be safe ask the printer to send a die line for the box, Print the die line from your printer or nearest print shop cut it into shape and check the fit.

To be more secure ship your product to the printer, ask the printer to send a video of the box opening.

Select a vendor

The last and most important step is to get yourself a professional vendor. Negotiate terms and prices request samples, at the we provide free design support, free consultation and free worldwide shipping