Check out Curveluu reviews on this content. Today’s content is about the Curveluu Com website, its reviews and other pertinent details about this particular online store.

This online store ships its products to the United States as well as several other countries. We see many online stores that offer a variety of dresses offering people huge deals and discounts to attract buyers.

In such a situation, it is normal to check the website details to avoid scams and scams. So let’s read about one of the websites, the Curveluu com details below!

What is Curveluu com?

We’ll cover IsCurveluu Legit later, so let’s look at the website details first!

Curveluu is an online store for dresses, shoes, accessories, tops and many other clothing items. It is one of the leading universal online stores on the digital platform. You can search for many items in such an extensive online segment and choose clothes with high-quality gratification.

Curveluu provides its customers with exceptional services and ensures high quality at a symbolic price. Their personalized clothing buyer has been involved in this industry for over eight years; There, they use their skills and knowledge to spot fashion trends, which helps them come out with unique things for the client

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Curveluu Com Specifications:

• Website type: E-commerce platform that retailing dresses worldwide

• E-mail address: [email protected]

• Shipping Charges: Free shipping on orders over seventy-nine dollars.

• Return Policy: Returns are accepted within fifteen days of delivery

• Cancellation Policy: You can cancel your purchase within twenty-four hours.

• Return Policy: You can get your money back within fifteen working days.

• Payment methods: VISA, PayPal, DISCOVER, MasterCard

Pros of Curveluu Com:

• Gives you a full refund

• Provides dresses at a discounted price.

• Free Shipping over $ seventy-nine

Disadvantages of Curveluu Com:

• No contact information available

• Site reviews are unavailable

• The site’s trust rating is one percent

Is Curveluu legal?

Curveluu is an online store that sells dresses, shoes, tops and accessories all over the world. This site is three months old and was registered on November 21, 2020. The online store seems to give buyers a wide choice and designs with discounts of up to fifty percent.

The website appears to be satisfactory with the appearance, rules and other necessary details stated on the website; it is important to investigate other issues that affect the legality of your site. Let’s study the facts of the Curveluu online store!

Curveluu is a very new online store that was launched three months ago.

Curveluu reviews aren’t good, just like Curveluu reviews aren’t available in large amounts on the internet. We believe that this must be due to the novelty of the website.

Curveluu has been rated zero by Alexa, which means it’s not popular with people. Furthermore, the site’s trust score is one in one hundred and advises against trusting this online store.

The Curveluu store is inactive on social media platforms as we did not find any related store pages on Facebook and Instagram.

So the site is very suspect at the moment!

What are people’s opinions on Curveluu’s reviews?

The Curveluu Com online store was registered on November 21, 2020 and is only three months old. The store did not provide any relevant feedback on the internet about its policies and information from buyers.

It lacks popularity among the people regarding its existence as it only has a three month old store. Moreover, we also did not receive any hint of the site on social networks.

At this point, Curveluu has no customer responses, and we need to spend more time with the online store collecting customer responses, then we will get an exact answer on Curveluu’s legality!


The website looks reasonable, but when we tried to get some details about its nature we found no Curveluu reviews.

The Curveluu Com website undoubtedly displays a huge number of unique tops, dresses and other accessories, generally for women, with a 50% discount.

However, we cannot trust an online store that is very new and only has a one percent trust score given by the website. Therefore, we advise buyers to stay away from these types of online stores until they receive enough positive feedback from buyers.