Restaurant that offers takeaway service, read the article to get an answer to your question.

Do you miss your favorite Italian dishes? If yes, read this article on Cucina 545 Reviews. This article is especially for all those who want to visit their nearby restaurants in the United States. Still, they cannot go due to current restrictions and blocking in hotspot areas to minimize the spread of infections.

Stay tuned with us until the end of the article, as today we will disclose all the relevant information associated with Cucina 545. In addition, we will let all our readers know if it is safe to order food from this platform or not. .

What is Cucina 545?

Owned by Giacomo Polibio, Cucina 545 is a modern Italian restaurant that claims to offer meat, fish, etc. carefully selected. So let’s explore Cucina 545 Reviews to find out if the claims made are reliable or false.

In the United States, Cucina 545 serves fresh dishes such as Pasta, Frutti Di Mare, Caesar, Insalata Di India, made-to-order desserts, etc. Roberto Fischetta, the former owner of Cucina 545, provides exceptional customer service.

Specifications of Cucina 545-

• Contact number: 973-595-5595

• Email id-

• Address- Cucina 545, Union Blvd Totowa, New Jersey- 07512

• Presence on social networks: they are active on Facebook, Twitter and Yelp.

• Business days: Friday and Saturday.

• Reviews- Positive Cucina 545 Reviews are accessible through the Internet.

• Working hours: from 4:00 p.m. at 7:00 p.m.

• Service: Take out only! Don’t dine in.

• Features: Social distancing, contactless payments are enforced, food packages are sanitized before handling, and staff members wear a face mask, etc.


• At Cucina 545, the dishes are fresh and tasty.

• The price list is reasonable and affordable.

• In the days of the pandemic, Cucina 545 has gained more popularity.

• Cucina 545 follows all mandatory government guidelines.

Cucina 545 opinions

Before reaching a conclusion, we look for comments on the Internet that our readers can trust. And in our research, we found that many positive reviews can be accessed on the internet where people have stated that the taste of the dishes served at Cucina 545 is fantastic.

In her review, Mariam stated that Cucina 545’s pizza is the best pizza in the world. I have tried pizzas in many restaurants, but the flavor and freshness of Cucina 545 is exceptional. And this is the reason why I have stopped trying pizzas from other restaurants.

People have rated Cucina 545, 4.6 / 5, and for the atmosphere, 4.3 / 5 stars for the taste of the food.

Final verdict on “Cucina 545 Reviews”

In our effort to find out if it is safe to order food from Cucina 545, we found that it is safe to order food from this platform as they strictly follow all the guidelines that the government implements to minimize the spread of infection between people. . And besides this they are offering tasty and hygienic dishes.

So if you’re missing out on your favorite Italian food and desserts, you can order them at Cucina 545 as they provide take out service following the latest government imposed guidelines.