CSGO Tips: Map Callouts Dust 2 brings you the most practical tips and gameplay on Map Callouts Dust 2. Through these tips, you can use various unexpected operations on the battlefield to play with the enemy. These skills are the knowledge accumulated by the author through hundreds of hours of game time, and I believe it can help all CSGO players.

Map Callouts Dust 2 Tips

Before learning about these techniques, please refer to the Map Callouts Dust 2 organized for you below. The name of each tactical point is marked on it, so that you can use the following techniques on the map more flexibly.

Map Callouts Dust 2

1. Endgame and defense skills

When fighting an endgame, you must be confident and decisive. It is up to you to decide whether to fight or not. Don’t listen to your teammates. Make a decision after comprehensively analyzing your own strength, the number of opponents, and blood volume.

Quiet step

Still walking. The importance can be imagined, if you don’t want to be gang raped. Start to walk quietly in all the places where the other party may appear, until the entry point, there is still no one handing in props to show their steps.

If you don’t have time or you have an advantage, you can walk from head to tail with big strides, don’t walk quietly and run for a while, it’s useless

search point

It is applicable to t and ct at the same time , it is very important to search the front point quietly, some commonly used points such as the second floor near the cemetery of inferno, the close point of sandwich a door at the bottom dead point of the second floor of mirage, and the sun room of the dead center of cache b point dead point a dead point forklift a hall and so on .

Do a preview at all the places that may cast shadows on you. Anyway, you are walking quietly, just stop the aiming head and lean forward to solve the problem.


Now there is a general trend, at least in the high-scoring rounds, the first unpacking is often fake, you can do the second fake-out like Universal, and it will definitely come out on the opposite side of the low-scoring round, if you can’t, you can try For the third time, the premise is that there is enough time. The endgame is a psychological game or reverse thinking. If you have pliers, just dismantle it, in case it succeeds.

2. Movement

The small body is tricked into shooting , and the big body is pulling and squatting horizontally (when the preview is in place) . Use near, far and small, search for points close to the side, and don’t pick the place where the barrel is exposed when attacking others .

To adjust your posture, you can choose to look at the second floor or the white car according to the pillars and walls. If you are confident in your marksmanship, you can show your whole body and stand in a non-preview position. Remember that sometimes it’s more defensive to kill a guy or steal a few shots before changing points .

Your preview point must be on your head, especially when you are standing at a corner, and especially in eco rounds. One shot will give you a great advantage and confidence. If you want to improve further, you must practice the preview point, and don’t bow your head. Look at the ground .

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