Even though here we’re going to talk about resolution settings, it’s worth starting with the fact that better to experiment a bit by acknowledging your PC parameters before rushing into matchmaking with a brand new options set-up. And even more importantly, your perception of the game is vital too.

Using the settings recommended below (while we explain how they work) will only tell you how to adjust your CS:GO, not make you pro right away. So, for example, when changing the resolution in the game from 16:9 to 4:3, in addition to visual adaptation, you will also have to acclimate to changing the sight’s movement speed across the screen, as the number of pixels changes. And in general, if you are already used to playing in certain settings, it can be difficult to quickly move to new ones.

Resolution in CSGO: which is better?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive settings provide you with three screen formats: 4:3, 16:10, and 16:9. Here’s how they work and how many pixels they use:

  • 4:3 works 640х480 – 1280х1024
  • 16:10 works 1680х1050
  • 16:9 works 1280х720 – 1920х1080

Resolutions change how CS:GO will look on your monitor. This is why pro players do that is models. 4:3 format used with a widescreen monitor will make the image be noticeably stretched. Therefore, the player models too, so you can aim your scope better. The images are shown as an example. You can use images however you like.

Compare resolutions:



In terms of pixels, the difference between 4:3 and 16:9 seems huge: increasing the player model by 33% will help you aim more accurately. But everything has a price.

By stretching your screen in order to hit bigger targets more accurately, you will lose your viewing angle from the sides. This means you can easily miss if someone’s gun is sticking out from a corner.

By the way, do you know that there are dozens of player models in CS:GO and you can buy them? Using trading platforms like CS.MONEY, for example, where you can not only trade your skins for something new but also read about them and inspect whatever you want.

By the way, re-setting your monitor’s resolution can also boost your frames-per-second count. It’s easy to understand: your GPU needs to work with a lesser amount of pixels, which reduces the load. So it’s a good way to increase FPS in CSGO among other things!

Depending on your play style and how you feel comfortable, it’s better to think about yourself first than rush through screen resolution settings. So, for example, not all pro players use 4:3, some want to see wider and therefore stay in FullHD 16:9. The main thing is to see for yourself and experiment in pubs (not MMs or FACEIT) with how it is more pleasant and better for you to play.