Today, video games have replaced televisions for teens. If you’re looking for a way to be crystallized in A Universal Time then you are on the right track.

A Universal Time rules the videogame industry thanks to its regular updates and enhanced stand features. Crystallized is one example. People in the Philippines and the United States want to know more.

Today we will discuss every minute and materialistic detail concerning Crystallized Aust..What is special about A Universal Time

Roblox’s most popular game is A Universal Time. Due to its unique and extraordinary concept, props, A Universal Time holds a special place within players’ hearts.

As the game rewards players with amazing prizes, it is creating an incredible gaming experience. Aut has experienced a rapid rise to prominence.

Crystallized has been the new name of the game. Further discussion will reveal more details about the same.

What is Crystallized Aut all about?

Crystallized is a new model created by Aut. It has an unusual appearance, and amazing features.

Here are some characteristics of crystallized appearance:

Their heads are adorned with small chunks of crystals.

The model is a dark purple-colored body with diagonal light purple strips that create a unique motif.

It has a Neon Orange cross on their hands, which is very similar to their face.

Stand Arrow on Kazuma Kiryu is a great way to get crystallized.

What is the Move Set of Crystallized and how does it work?

The following are the key bindings Crystallized aut that can hold the given command.

Click (Light Punch: This allows the model quick right and left hooks

It results in 10 damage per punch and takes just 0.1 seconds for it to cool down.

E+ hold: Allows the model to make quick claims of heavy strikes or swiftly. It caused 144 total damages, 12 damage per hit, and took between 4-6 seconds to cool off.

R (Crystallized Heavy Punch), it deals 35 damage to a competitor in one blow and takes about 4-6 seconds for it to cool down.

What are the key features of Crystallized

These are some of the key features of crystallized Aut.

For a solid mobility combination, try (B+V).

It is a fantastic short-range option.

It only has one move set.

It takes planet sharper to evolve, which can take around 4- 5 hours to achieve an average.

Wrapping It All

Crystallized is a noncanon-stand that can be accessed right now in the game. It is an impressive looking character and has many powers and actions.

Aut is a fun game, with unique stands like Crystallized Aut. The following are key facts about the stand.