Crystal Meanings Crystals are valued for more than just their aesthetic value.  They have long been known for their powerful healing properties.  Ancient civilizations’ familiarity with crystals and their use led to the development of a wide range of folk beliefs surrounding the properties of these stones.


This is one among the most sought-after crystals, and for good reason. The purported abilities of the purple stone extend from relieving stress to facilitating restful sleep. Amethyst’s calming effects on the body and mind come from the stone’s ability to stimulate the crown chakra (at the very top of one’s head, where it is in harmony with the mind).It can help with pain, headaches, and migraines, and it can also boost your intuition. The presence of an amethyst geode near a bed is thought by many to promote restful sleep.

Rose Quartz

This slightly pink crystal is wonderful for attracting romantic partners. Rose quartz encourages peace and compassion if your emotions are all over the place. A further benefit? It’s been said to help people find calm no matter their romantic situation.

Black Tourmaline

According to legend, this gem can soak up any poisonous energy directed its way. When life gets too much, wearing a piece of black tourmaline—which is associated with the base chakra—can help you feel more stable.



     How often do you find yourself exhausted? A healing aura cleaning may be in order (in addition to another cup of coffee and some serious self-care). When it comes to revitalising our aura, no other crystal compares to selenite. Inhaling the crystal’s calming essence is claimed to wash away the stresses of the day. If you’re having trouble finding inner peace, try waving a selenite wand over your body. Remember that selenite dissolves in water, so avoid getting any liquid on the geode.    


The popularity of jade can be attributed to its reputation as a bringer of good fortune. Basically, it’s a portable good fortune charm. People believe that jade cant.material and social success Abundance and success in all spheres (think dollar signs). It is believed that wearing jade on the left hand or wrist will attract cosmic favours. On the other hand, jade rings are a classy accessory.

Clear Quartz

Having some clear quartz on hand will be like hitting the “reset” button on your life. Clear quartz, often called a “master” crystal, is excellent for quieting the mind and making one’s intentions crystal clear

It is stated that the famous geode can treat any illness. Put your new piece of clear quartz near a window so that it can soak up the sun’s rays and potentially dispel any negative vibes you may be experiencing.


Fixing a damaged heart is like fixing a broken watch. This, of course, with these tips supported by science. However, crystal healers claim that rhodochrosite is the ideal stone to help you move on after a breakup..Rhodochrosite, a stone known to activate the heart chakra, can be used during meditation to boost feelings of self-love and self-assurance. It’s possible that the optimistic view instilled by the pink crystal will prepare you for your next romantic journey.