Going for the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange 2021

How long have you been a professional cryptocurrency trader?

I started my way quite a long time ago, and there are almost no things I don’t know or don’t understand now. However, remembering myself at the beginning of my journey, going to all these exchanges I felt very lost. That’s why I wondered where to buy crypto so that a beginner could easily understand the features of the exchanger and a professional wouldn’t be limited in their abilities? And I have highlighted the main indicators, and I will show them using the example of Cryptology.

Cryptology is a platform that is easy to use and fast to work, which is important for any trader. In addition, it doesn’t try to make money on every action you take. Using this review as an example, I will show you six aspects that any crypto exchanger should be judged on.

The Six Important Points

  1. Easiness

The platform should not be devoid of a variety of functions, but all of them should be as simple and easy to implement as possible. You don’t want to waste time trying to sell or buy crypto if its value is falling and every second counts.

  1. Fees

Trading is a field where people make money just by making a huge number of exchanges in a day. If each of them demands a large fee, it greatly constrains the trader and generally puts into question the benefit of all their activities.

  1. Localization

The more countries legalize the platform, the better. Any financial activity has to be fully transparent to the government, and taxed, otherwise it would be a crime. For this to be possible, the platform needs to require identification documents, and this can only be done in the country where the platform is legalized. Of course, this contradicts the very idea of cryptocurrencies, but that is the order.

  1. Leverage

Leverage is a very important feature because it allows you to take advantage of a good opportunity for several people at once and get a lot more benefit from it. It is also a particularly useful feature for beginning traders.

  1. Pairs

Having pairs of only single currencies or pairs of multiple currencies is a controversial topic. For some people, it is excessive, and for others, it is the whole point of trading. Again, the most important thing is that it should be implemented easily and work quickly.

  1. Withdrawals

Fast and convenient withdrawal of funds is a very important feature, which is an integral part of the very idea of cryptocurrencies and we definitely do not want to lose it too.

Cryptology Review: Top Cryptocurrency Exchange Site with Zero Fee for Futures Trading

Cryptology from August 3 to September 30, 2021, takes a 0% fee for transactions and also gives a $100 bonus for the first deposit of $100. The leverage of x100 also awaits you. In addition, I will now detail all the features of this exchange.

Cryptology Earn – Features and Specifies

In September 2021, Cryptology created a separate service for passive income, which is aimed at people who do not want to engage in trading but want to take care of their finances. It allows deposits and withdrawals via bank cards and only works with stable coins. However, if the user wishes, they can change their case and add other coins there as well. Investing in stable coins the user receives 15% per annum, and otherwise 8%.

Sign Up

Registration on Cryptology is very simple. All that is required is a first and last name, a valid email, and a complex password. You can also authorize in one click using your Google account.

You have the opportunity to register two types of accounts, trading account or global account.

Trading Account allows you to deposit both cryptocurrency and fiat money, but you can only withdraw cryptocurrencies to the wallet.

Global Account allows you to use not only card transfers, but also bank transfers, and withdraw fiat money as well.


There are two stages of verification that are available to you depending on your needs.

The first stage requires you to provide proof of identity, which increases the transaction limit to $10,000.

The second stage requires proof of a real legal residence address and allows you to remove transaction limits altogether.

Spot Exchange and Futures Trading

Cryptology is very handy in the case of spot exchange and futures trading. You have all the necessary functions such as the order book, the trading history, a chart by TradingView and they are all very thoughtfully implemented. Ordering becomes very easy and fast, so you don’t waste any extra money or time.

Cryptology Fees, Deposit, and Withdrawal

The basic fee per operation is 0.002 for both maker and taker.

The minimum deposit is $25 and the fee is 2.65% if we are talking about the deposit of fiat money using debit and credit cards.

For Brazil, the minimum deposit is only $1 and the fee can range from 1.7% to 3.6%.

For EUR SEPA the minimum deposit is €1 and the fee is 0,45% if you buy crypto with a debit card. However, if you use Bank Transfer, there is no fee at all, but the minimum deposit will be €25.


With the departure of Binance, Cryptology has become extremely popular in Europe, especially in Germany, Holland, and Italy. However, it is not available in Japan or the United States. Otherwise, it is available all over the world where cryptocurrencies are not banned in principle.



Spot Exchange


Pros and Cons


  • Support. Great support service, which helped me especially a lot at the beginning of my registration and activity on the platform.
  • Bonus. How many other services are willing to give you $100 to start your professional business? Not many.
  • No Fees. If you have a fully verified account, you can do without fees for most operations. This is also true for all users until September 30, 2021.
  • Futures Trading. Most exchangers may not have leverage, and if they do, x100 is very rare generosity.
  • Minimum order. With a minimum order size of $0.10, you can perfect your skills as a trader very many times over. This is a very cheap price to practice.
  • Worldwide Available. Despite its unavailability in Japan and America, the service is very popular in Europe. And if Europe approves, it’s a very huge plus.


  1. Withdraw. To withdraw fiat money you need to fully verify the account. This is not a big disadvantage, because you can still withdraw fiat money from your cryptocurrency wallet, having previously transferred cryptocurrencies to it. But it remains a minus, because the more intermediaries, the more often you have to pay fees.
  2. Margin Trading. It can be very important that you will not find margin trading on the spot exchange.


Using Cryptology as an example, I have demonstrated what indicators to evaluate similar services, and why Cryptology deserves attention. It is well developed, fast, and convenient for traders of any level and almost anywhere in the world.