The pandemic of COVID-19 has brought almost everything to a complete halt and most of the places especially businesses are temporarily closed. But there are other important businesses that the government has allowed to open. So it is more vital that commercial cleaning companies Atlanta be hired for those businesses that are open for the public.

Why it is critical to clean the workplace during COVID-19?

Under normal circumstances the businesses sometimes avoid the set cleaning schedule. This is because there is no time or the cleaning business is busy somewhere else. But when there is a crisis and which is of huge magnitude; the schedule should never miss. The following reasons to clean a workplace.

Lowers the risk of spread of the Coronavirus

The best defense against the Coronavirus according to the experts is to keep each and everything clean and disinfected. Even the smallest thing in the building has to be cleaned so that the spread of the Coronavirus is lowered. Jan Pro Atlanta uses a special EnviroShield to disinfect 99% of viruses and bacteria.

Overall cleanliness of the business

There are other germs and bacteria that can pose a far more dangerous threat to the human body. Cleaning and sanitization have to be done as an overall cleaning of the business.

The employees don’t get sick

The governments all around the world have urged businesses to call in a minimum number of employees to work. So the health and fitness of the staff are also vital as you don’t want them to get sick and reduce the staff further.

Upgrade the quality of air

There are many pollutants in the air that causes various kinds of breathing difficulties and skin infections. Cleaning of the air ventilation system upgrades the quality of air. This has become more important as the majority of the increase in COVID-19 patients was because they have various respiratory problems.

Disposing of the waste materials

The scientists have come to the conclusion that like all viruses the COVID-19 can also stay on different surfaces for various durations. In the same way this virus can grow on hazardous wastes as well. It is important to discard them.

Raise the image of the business

When the client and customers will come to know that the businesses are taking drastic measures to keep the workplaces clean and disinfected; this will raise the positive image. More and more people will rely on and trust the business.

What should be the criteria for selecting?

But not all cleaning companies fulfil the criteria of the best cleaning business. The ones that do like Jan Pro Atlanta have to accomplish the following criteria to be the best during this time of the spread of the COVID-19.

The Office of cleaning companies Atlanta must be presentable

A good presentable cleaning company office is the first thing that clients must check when they want to hire it. The office should be well organized and tidy and cleaning most obviously. The website should also be presentable and have all the services mentioned there.

Recommended by Family and Friends

The cleaning companies that are recommended by your family and friends mean that they have good services and other facilities to provide. The family members and friends have hired them and avail their commercial deep cleaning services and deemed the best.

Use of the latest equipment

The cleaning companies should be integrated with the latest technology in all aspects of their business. There are now various robots and machinery that operate using Artificial Intelligence; in which employees will have minimal exposure to the areas in which viruses dwell.

Well trained staff and employees

Before cleaning companies hire staff and employees there is a set benchmark that al personnel must achieve. The most important of all is to have a proper trainer which is compulsory. They should know how to handle various materials and equipment.

Providing a wide variety of cleaning services

You need to find the business that provides if not all but with maximum services. The facilities that the cleaning businesses must and definitely should provide are; all kinds of dealerships, religious centers, banks, government buildings, entertainment facilitates and educational institutions.

The right price for services are offered

At times businesses go into financial loss because of the bad decisions made by the financial team. They fail to save money by hiring the right services and this is especially with the cleaning companies.

All staff members should be tested Corona negative

Each and every staff member whether he/ she are a part of the cleaning team or the management; should be tested for Coronavirus. This is essential because you don’t want someone to enter the commercial building having the virus.

Are they following COVID-19 safety protocol?

The most crucial point that cleaning companies Atlanta should have is that they follow all of the protocol that the government has ordered businesses to pursue.


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