Credit cards in Dubai provide a large range of advantages. They help in the making of the best lifestyle for the individuals. They give the best financial support to the users. It is an easier way to conveniently do payment procedures. Besides simplest payment, there are very attractive rewards that they provide according to their types. Most importantly, they are exceptional for shopping, traveling, and many other things.

  Factors to consider at the time of comparing credit cards in Dubai

Many banks offer different cards. We all get confused when we choose the best one. You have to complete this tough task wisely. All individuals have different priorities. So, choose the card as per your need.

Now, you will know about those specific factors that must consider when you compare different credit cards in Dubai. The important factors are:

Interest rate:

The interest rate is the most necessary feature that should keep in your mind. Always choose that card that comes with a lower interest rate. The main purpose of a low-interest rate is that it will never disturb any financial plan. First of all, see your financial state and then choose accordingly.


All cards come with different charges. These charges include the annual fee also. The bank will provide you the complete information on the fees also. The information will help you in the knowing easier selection.

Minimum income:

Every card has a specific requirement on the monthly income. The income is not the same for all of them. Before choosing, consider your income and then select the best one.

Important rewards:

The rewards will give major significance to the customers. This kind of benefit helps in the payment method of anything. Consider that card that has numerous rewards. You should give preference to your demands & then choose.

Different types of credit cards

Now, the banks will provide the different types of cards. The types include shopping, traveling, & fuel cards. All of them are with the best rewarding benefits. Anyone will receive an amazing discount offer if he has more interest in the shopping.


The cardholder will get many advantages if they choose this kind. At the time of transactions, the cardholder receives instant cashback. This cashback adds directly to the card. Its addition depends on the policies of the banks also.


This kind will give the advantage of getting points/rewards. Such rewards also include discount offers. Thereby, you will get a chance to receive a free ticket.


Many travelers love to travel on their holidays. When you choose this kind of card, you will get many traveling benefits. One of the prominent advantages is to receive an impressive discount on the flights. In this situation, a traveler will get the best lounge access. Thus, you will enjoy the best discounts at the hotels also.

No annual fee

The cards with no annual fee are the best kind. In this case, there will never need for an annual fee.

Eligibility Criteria

In Dubai, all banks give different criteria to make an individual eligible for applying. The most basic criterion is the monthly income of the user. The salary must be above AED 5000. Besides, there is a requirement for all other documents. These documents are specific to verify the identity of the user. In addition, the criteria also depend on the type of the cards. 

All the residents of Dubai are eligible. The documents necessary during the application procedure are a passport, identity card, etc. Moreover, some banks also demand a residence visa to make sure your residential condition.

Apply for a credit card

The application procedure is easier because you can apply it online as well. The banks will provide the online way, so everyone can apply without any difficulty. There are different options for the cards. When you select anyone, you will require filling out its form.

There is a need for different documents also. You will submit them during applying. In this way, the bank will get all of your information and confirm your identity. Karz is an easier & quick way of applying. You will receive a card in just a few working days. Furthermore, you will directly go to the bank and apply physically.