When it comes to frequently overlooked home maintenance tasks, pool lighting is one that you should not overlook. Lighting your pool is a serious undertaking, both monetarily and in terms of the extra workload it adds for you. You need plenty of the first and an extra hour or two.

You’ll want to invest in excellent in-pool and underwater lighting. We’re going to review some creative ideas for pool lighting, looking at the type of lights and how you plan to use them.

Let’s get started!

Surrounding Lights

Lights can transform different types of pools for an outdoor space and create more of a focal point around the pool. Consider string lights, up-lights, and post-mounted lanterns for a beautiful exterior.

If you want to light up your swimming pool and the landscape around the swimming pool, you need to shop for fiber optic lights that provide a soothing feel for your swimming pool.

Interior & Roof Lights

Interior amp roof lights are essential components of any pool lighting setup. These lights can provide an ambient effect for those evenings spent lounging in the pool. They can add a new ambiance to a pool and create different atmospheres.

Incorporate creative pool lighting with lights suspended from the ceiling and walls. Pool owners can transform their backyard into a breathtaking scene with the right interior and roof lights.

Underwater Lighting

Underwater Lighting is essential when it comes to creative, interesting pool lighting. Underwater lights placed along the bottom and sidewalls can create unique light patterns, while lights above the water can create a special ambiance.

Submersible lights placed around steps or water features can create fabulous visual effects or provide extra safety when swimming in the evening.

Lights in or around circular skimmers can also add an interesting line effect. Other creative pool lighting ideas include color-changing LED lights, strobe lights, and floating light balls.

Above-ground Lighting

Add some visual interest to your poolside entertaining area with decorative pool lights. This can include wall sconces and lit furniture pieces.

With a bit of creativity, pool lighting can provide a unique atmosphere and a lasting memory of an enjoyable evening.

Unconventional Lighting

Unconventional lighting for pool lighting can create a one-of-a-kind experience. An array of lighting approaches, from low voltage to energy efficiency, can create a unique atmosphere.

A range of ideas can be pursued to add color, light, and movement to the pool environment. Items like patterned light strips, wall washers, and floating lights can have an interesting effect.

Submersible spotlights can add a deeper underwater glow. Fountains and decorative displays, such as fiber optic stars, can add to the ambiance. If a whimsical feel is desired, colored and changing lights can be integrated into the pool area.

Grab the Best Pool Lighting You Could Ever Have

Overall, pool lighting is an essential part of your pool experience that can bring ambiance and style to your backyard. With a little creativity and knowledge, your pool lighting options can be endless.

Use this guide as a base to help you create the perfect pool oasis, and don’t forget to make safety a priority. Start enjoying your swimming experience day and night with your own perfect pool lighting setup!

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