2021 was a year full of challenges and transitions. As the year ends, students across Australia are proactively planning holidays, wondering what to do next! 

Today, different education camps offer fun holiday programs for primary students with collaborative programs and activities. Here is a brief rundown on the best STEM school holiday activities for a productive time where young ones will develop cognitive, social and intellectual skills. 

Sticky Note Number Match 

A sheet of paper taped to the wall, sticky notes and a marker is all you need for this movement-oriented math activity to help kids understand numerical concepts. Instead of memorizing infinite numbers, this activity allows children to chase sticky note numbers over the groups of dots that match the number. If your kids are still learning numbers, this can be an easy place to start. 

numeracy games for preschoolers help your youngster develop fundamental numeracy skills at an early age, which will also enhance their self-confidence when it comes to dealing with future issues.

Cloud in a Jar 

The processes of evaporation, condensation, precipitation and other states of matter will get some attention from the young ones in this delightful activity. All you need is a glass of water, hairspray to explain the process of the water cycle.

It is a simple activity and easy for young children to understand into different experiments with two different processes to develop a cloud, with descriptions about cloud formation. Additional points if you take your kids out on a cloudy setting to help them connect the dots better. 

Crystal Sun Catchers 

Making crystals with salt is one of the most popular STEM holiday activities for a valid reason! With a couple of ingredients from the grocery store and you’re good to go. This STEM activity involves making different crystals! For those who like to educate your children about art, this activity connects dots to an art icon whose work inspired 3-D geometrical figures, similar to the crystals. 

Building A Hand Crank Winch 

These holiday programs for primary school students are ideal for children fascinated with getting artful and learning how things work. The principle of the winch is an ideal way to create a prompt sense of how children can build interesting things with simple machines like pulleys. 

Young children will need your assistance to develop the winch- but tools like cardboard towel rolls, ribbons, and the elements are all children-friendly. 

Magnetic Slime 

Slime activities are a staple for many educators and parents looking for a fun tactile activity. This STEM activity is an excellent ice breaker as kids sure have many questions about how magnets work! 

Getting the slime consistency right can be a little tricky, but most issues can be resolved by either adding more glue or liquid starch. Once the slime is ready, you’ll need a strong neodymium magnet to start playing for slime. 

In Conclusion 

The stem holiday activities allow students to apply subjective and cognitive learning to science, maths or coding concepts. Additionally, these activities strengthen the logical reasoning behind the application of conceptual learning. With these holiday programs for primary school students, you will foster tomorrow’s developers!