Remember back to the days when you were a child – what was more fun than an Easter hunt? The adrenaline of trying to find the eggs, the reward of getting delicious chocolate at the end, nothing could compete. However, nobody wants to do the same hunt year after year. Here are some creative ideas to keep the Easter hunt fun for your kids this year! 

Have Fun Rewards 

Everybody loves chocolate, right? This being said, Easter hunts are more fun when you get creative with the prizes. As well as chocolate, why not consider adding extra bonus rewards? For example, it could be a pass to stay up an additional 30 minutes one evening, going out for lunch with Dad, tickets to watch a sporting event, a day off of all chores, or a movie choice. 

Introduce Exciting Games 

At the same time, you can also bring some fun games to the occasion. When they find an egg, like these great Easter gifts for instance, make them perform a particular task or challenge. They see the egg, bring it to you, complete the task, and are rewarded. Can they name two green fruits? Can they do their five times table? Can they hop on one foot for ten seconds? 

Personalize the Hunt 

Nobody knows your children like you, so it’s time to personalize the Easter hunt and add rewards that they will really enjoy. While some like particular types of chocolate, others love small Lego kits or toy cars. Easter hunts are all about bringing a smile to your children, and there’s no better way to achieve this than with personalized gifts. 

Tie Balloons to Eggs 

If you’re worried that your young child will struggle to find eggs, a great idea is to tie a balloon to each. They might miss the eggs, but they won’t miss the balloons floating around the garden. If this is too simple and your child sits somewhere in between giant balloons and tiny eggs, those with more than one child can assign specific colors to different eggs. Each child has a color, and they can only pick up balloons of their own color. 

Nature Hunt 

Some people want to help save the planet, and reducing plastic in your Easter hunt is a great starting point. Therefore, why not replace plastic eggs with a nature scavenger hunt? Get your kids to find specific branches, stones, weeds, and more. 

Add a Golden Egg 

This idea comes from the brilliant Willy Wonka children’s book, and it gets the kids even more excited than ever before about an Easter hunt. As the name suggests, you add one golden egg to all the others, which comes with a special prize. Suddenly, all the kids taking part will go crazy trying to find this unique egg. 

Create a Relay Race

For large families or groups, you have an opportunity to split the kids into teams and run a relay race. As soon as the first person from each team finds an egg, they tag the next team member, and they go off hunting. You won’t believe how excited and noisy (sorry!) the kids will get with this idea. 

Here are some more creative Easter hunt ideas for your kids: 

  • Get involved with them (they love having fun with relatives and loved ones!) 
  • Put puzzle pieces in each egg 
  • Add QR codes and bring technology into the mix 
  • Save the hunt for the evening and use glow-in-the-dark eggs 
  • Put eggs in a ball pit for smaller children