Mother’s day is just around the corner and I am delighted to share some sweet mother’s day chocolate gifts for mom. 99.9% woman has cravings for chocolates. Chocolate is the best friend of her life when she is suffering from menstrual cramps, hormonal changes and menopause difficulties. Chocolates have feel good endorphins that stimulates positive energy and help in uplifting the sprits. So In my view chocolate gift is the best gift to create sweet memories. Here we put some suggestion about how chocolate can be served in different manner. We have mentioned some unusual ways to serve chocolate in an elegant manner.

1. Heart shaped chocolate bouquet

One thing mom will love to steal is the heart shaped bouquet. It will really help in creating good memories. Astonish your mom with the beautiful heart shaped roses bouquet adorned with ferraro rocher chocoaltes inside.  The simple chocolate turns into out of the ordinary gift. Red rose is the symbol of love while a chocolates inside is a proof that you really care of her likes and dislikes. A Mother’s day chocolate bouquet recites of the connection between mom and the son/daughter.

2. Big cup with chocolates

This creative packaging also can be done in home. You just need a big mug personalized with “mom we love you” or engraved memorable photo. now fill this big cup all types of favorite heart shaped candies, bars, chocolates and candy sticks and so many other chocolate treats. Tie those candies and chocolate bars with silk string. The gift itself shows how much she is mean in your life.

3. Chocolates flower

Making a chocolate flower at home is not a game you need to put lot of effort to make this happen. But if you insist to make it at home for sure you should try. You can learn the recipe of chocolate roses from you tubers. But if you are not much confident you can also buy chocolate roses gift from online shop. They will deliver you bundles of roses box at the destination you want to send. Chocolate rose is a unique gifting option for the mom you love from the bottom of heart.

4 Gourmet chocolate baskets

Chocolate basket is a royal gift you can take to woo your mom. Your mom always look for something unusual and trendy, this gift can satisfy her obsession. here comes a beautiful wooden basket hand-arranged with favorite chocolate boxes, chocolate truffles, milky bars, chocolate cookies, chocolate caramel bars, Hershey’s kit kat and chocolate sauces. Get this chocolate basket delivered at your mom’s destination. It will astonish her eyes but at the end her heart will boom with happiness and joy receiving such a beautiful mom’s day gift from you.

5 Chocolate Pineapple

There are so many customization and creation you can do using lots of chocolates. If your mom loves pineapple fruit the chocolate pineapple will amaze her. Take one wide bottle and then spray a brown color on it. Now glue all chocolate balls in all sides of bottle.  Tie a beautiful silk string bow on the top and glue artistic grass to give a pineapple effect. Your mom will love it for sure and really she would not love to destruct this chocolate pineapple made by you. if you want to give something out of the box please ask here for Chocolate bouquet delivery Brazil to mom Living in Brazil.

6. Chocolate towers

A chocolate tower is made up of three or four layers. The bottom layer is wide so use big sized Cadbury bars to let it stand properly. Then follow the second layer with kitkat bars and the top layer is decorated with mini 5 star bars. All you need is one silk string to tie them all and make beautiful three layer tower. You can buy it online or make it at home learning the DIY chocolate tower making tricks.

7. Chocolate gifting plant

If she is a plant loving mom you can show the nature’s side in chocolate by gifting a chocolate plant or tree. The bottom side is made up of square cardboard box. Now fill up the box with stemmed chocolates. If you find difficult to make chocolate tree at home, you can refer online in mother’s day gift ideas to search the best gift of choice.

Please pass on the message to all sons and daughters that you can do something creative by using chocolates. Your mom resides far from you in Brazil; please check this link to send chocolates online to mom in Brazil. This article has all good chocolate treats to customize and give a new look to chocolate treats. Seriously it is going to win your mom’s heart. Please send this article to all sons and daughters confused what gift they should take for mother’s day. It’s a worth information you are sharing with them and definitely they will thank to you for sharing such a nice information.