NFT token is a huge success on the internet market. There have been hundreds of token releases in countries such as the United Kingdom or the United States. NFT tokens, which are non-fungible tokens, can store unique items.

Blockchain technology is used to create digital files that include audio, video and character.

The new token Crazy Skulls is growing in popularity. It represents digital artwork stored on the Blockchain. This digital asset is described in detail.

About CrazySkullz

CrazySkullz is an online collection of digital NFT collections that is based on skulls or ghosts. CrazySkullz will generate around 10,000 and have 1.1k owners. The non-fungible token is backed by ERC-721, which is a smart contract that runs Ethereum Network.

CrazySkullz is a unique and cool platform that allows people to save the world from evil forces. This is a good way to keep them locked up for life.

How was Crazy Skulls made?

CrazySkullz is basically a combination of over 150 traits. These skulls are amazing and have a lot of versatility. Each skull will be unique. Each skull is unique and has its own power and values, which gives you the guarantee of decentralization.

Current facts about this token:

  • Price: $63-$217 (30 Days Ago)
  • NFTs sold- 17 (30 Days)
  • Trading Volume- No data
  • Most expensive CrazySkullz price- $217, CrazySkullz #9999

These NFT tokens are not popular with many users. They have other options like The Metas and Dino Gangz NFT.

How do you get CrazySkullz NFT?

These tokens will be available for purchase hassle-free on the date of release. You can simply visit to check the countdown to release. You can purchase tokens for each token at 0.05ETH by checking the website after it begins. These tokens can be purchased at 0.05ETH by visiting OpenSea or Rarity.

CrazySkullz Roadmap

Here’s the entire plan for this insane token (Phase 1).

  • 25% of all skullz sold – Get one ETH for every 1000 skullz you purchase through the official site.
  • 50% off – This offer is available only to our verified Crazy Skulls owners.
  • 70% of the stock is sold – 20ETH required in a wallet to sweep OpenSea’s price.
  • 85% of the stock was sold – five donations for one ETH
  • 100% Sold – Purchase the parcel of land to create the CrazySkullz lounge.

This CrazySkullz article provides more details.

Skulls Names

  • FITZ
  • GB ART

Final Words

You can invest in skulls for profits if you join the venture immediately. The Spooky Halloween will give you maximum royalties and rewards.

Keep calm and focus on checking Crazy Skulls rewards. This game offers more chances to unlock rewards the more you play it.